Do You Have Superhuman Powers?

A few years ago very few scientists dared to admit that they believed in premonitions, telepathy or extra sensory perception.

Today, very few scientists would dare to say that they do NOT believe.

In America the Pentagon has invested millions on investigating the hidden, unseen, powers of the human mind.

And the FBI has hired psychics to help it solve crimes.

The available evidence shows that most of us have powers we do not yet understand and certainly do not take full advantage of.

But most of us reject or suppress these abilities - often because we find them frightening or disturbing.

Recent scientific work has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the human brain is capable of a wide range of supernatural skills.

Researchers are even beginning to find links which show that some people are more likely than others to be aware of - or able to use - the ability to send and receive messages through the air.

Doctors at the Maudsley Hospital in London have shown that there is a link between an individual being knocked unconscious or having a blackout and that individual later on showing telepathic skills.

At London University's Birkbeck College children have been tested under strict laboratory conditions and scientists have found that many of them have remarkable 'mind reading' skills.

The powers of such individuals are often remarkable and apparently inexplicable. Cameramen working with film crews recording experiments have reported that their equipment has frequently been broken or distorted.

Premonitions are increasingly common too. There are countless confirmed stories of men and women who have refused to board aeroplanes or ships because they have had a 'cold' or 'nasty' feeling when they have been about to climb up the steps.

I once knew a patient who could 'sense' earthquakes happening half way round the world.

When the dreams or feelings involve close friends or relatives it is women rather than men who have the premonitions.

It seems that women get more emotionally involved than men - and can receive messages and unheard cries from the minds of their loved ones more easily than men can.

In California, for example, a 49-year-old woman, asleep in her flat, suddenly woke up at 2 a.m. after dreaming of a burning house full of elderly people running about in their nightwear.

The dream was so realistic that she felt that she had to do something. Feeling incredibly foolish she dressed quickly and drove round to an old people's home that she helped to run.

In a small back room she found flames shooting out of a gas main. No one could have seen the fire and the fire chief who dealt with the blaze said that within half an hour the blaze would have destroyed the house - killing many of the inhabitants.

No one can yet really explain this type of phenomenon. But no one denies that these things happen.

A sixth sense does exist.

Scientists believe that extra sensory perception, telepathy and premonitions are as real as vision and hearing. The problem is that we haven't yet learned to use those skills.

The chances are high that you have the ability to transmit and receive messages through the power of your mind. You may not understand how these things work - and they may make you feel uncomfortable - but they are there nevertheless.

Now to find out whether you have hidden sixth sense skills answer the following ten questions.

1. Do you tend to do well in guessing games?

2. Have you ever had a long run of good luck when playing cards or any other game?

3. Have you ever known what was in a letter before opening it?

4. Have you ever had bad dreams which turned out to be true?

5. Have you ever thought about someone you haven't heard from for ages and then, apparently out of the blue, received a phone call, card or letter from them? Or met them unexpectedly in the street?

6. Do you ever know what people are going to say before they say it?

7. Have you ever heard voices telling you what to do?

8. Have you ever 'known' who was on the other end of a ringing telephone before picking it up?

9. Have you ever felt that a house was right for you the moment you saw it?

10. Have you ever felt that you wanted to know someone better after seeing them for no more than an instant?

If you answered 'yes' to just one question you have intuitive powers that you could use. The greater your score - the greater your powers. If you want to improve your skills - have faith, don't be afraid and practice!

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Copyright Vernon Coleman 2004