Do they want you to stop drinking milk and eat grasshoppers instead?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Marks & Spencer, the chain of stores which used to be most famous for selling underwear, is scrapping use-by dates on milk. Other supermarkets, such as Morrisons, are also changing the way they label milk.

The supermarket Marks & Spencer reportedly says that customers should use their judgement on whether milk is safe to use.

And how pray are customers supposed to do that?

What’s the best way for shoppers to tell that milk is safe to drink when there is no use-by date on the packaging?

Are customers supposed to shake the container? Does that help? Is there some mysterious trick that we should all know about? Do we turn it upside down? Throw it on the floor and see if it bounces? Or should we telephone the World Health Organisation for a ruling? Or maybe Bill Gates, the self-appointed health expert, would check our milk for us.

Or are customers supposed to open containers of milk before they make their purchase?

Is everyone expected now to sniff their milk before they buy it? Or course, no one in their right mind would buy a container of milk that someone else had opened so that’s going to be a disaster.

Apparently the supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer are doing away with use-by dates because so much food is thrown away.

So presumably they now want the food to be wasted by customers rather than by them.

It seems that they expect customers to buy milk, take it home, open it, sniff it and then throw it away.

The problem is that experts say that a sniff test isn’t a good way to see if milk is safe to drink.

You presumably need to have the milk tested in laboratory before you drink it.

Since there are, so I am told, some people who don’t have their own laboratory all this presumably means that people will now stop drinking milk.

Now, from a health point of view this is probably a good thing. But I doubt if Marks & Spencer (or any other supermarket) is doing this so that we drink less milk and get healthier.

Could it be just part of the conspirators’ plan to change our diets?

We know they want us to stop eating (and drinking) natural foods.

My guess is that eggs will soon have the use-by date removed. Customers will have to crack their eggs to see if they fail the sniff test.

Is this all part of the remorseless drive to force us all to live on a diet of cockroaches, slugs and grasshoppers?

They wouldn’t do that, would they?

I am reminded, by the way, that Marks & Spencer was one of the stores keenest to ensure that shoppers wore face-masks during the fake pandemic. And, as I pointed out many, many times face masks do absolutely no good in keeping out viruses but do a great deal of harm to the half-wits who wear them.

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