Dr Sam White

Dr Vernon Coleman

The following statement prepared by Dr White's solicitors relates to my previous article about Dr Sam White published on 7th September 2021. Please read the note headed Important Note at the bottom of this page.

'Since I last wrote an article regarding Dr White, Philip Hyland of PJH Law Solicitors has contacted me to correct a number of inadvertent omissions from my last article.

I apologise for these omissions.

I now know that Dr White is appealing the conditions placed on him by the MPTS to the High Court with a hearing likely to be heard in the next six weeks. This appeal is very important as it concerns free speech and Doctors ability to speak out freely without repercussion.

Pending the appeal outcome Dr White is still speaking out against the covid response online in the same terms as before but not using his own social medial platform to do so. Dr White has appeared on Reiner Fullmich's roundtable since the MPTS hearing and has a further interview pending with a large US independent newspaper.

With regard to the sums raised on the crowd justice site these are being prudently spent with further legal actions under review as per the terms of the fundraising. Dr White and his Solicitors wish me to make clear that any sums not spent on legal costs will be donated to a vaccine injury charity. Again this was detailed on the crowd justice site from the start of the fundraising campaign.

I accept that both PJH Law Solicitors, Dr White's solicitors, and Dr White have been transparent on how the funds raised have been spent by publishing the invoices that have been paid on PJH Law's website. I am unaware of any other legal fund raising campaign that has this level of transparency and I note that PJH Law Solicitors has no raised any invoice in relation to their work to date.

May I wish Dr Sam White and his legal team all the best for the battles ahead and thank them for the amicable way this misunderstanding has been resolved.'

Important Note

In his reply to me (reported on September 7th) Dr White did not tell me he was appealing. If he'd subsequently asked me to mention it, I would have happily done so. But lawyers were instructed instead. Having the time available to fight for the elderly and for the children in this war is far more important to me than spending months fighting in court - especially since, at 75, my own allotted years are clearly running out.

They'll be coming after the three-year-olds next. And there will be endless booster jabs for everybody. And, as I warned in July, more lockdowns and more mask rules. NHS waiting lists are going to get longer and longer and millions are going to die untreated. DNR notices are on millions - many of whom do not even know they have been abandoned by the health service. Vaccine passports will be here soon. And then they'll become full digital passports.

These are crucial issues; worth fighting for. We have to fight now for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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