The Elderly Are Being Drugged (Itís been going on for years and its legal)

Dr Vernon Coleman

Most people know that thousands of elderly patients in care homes were killed with midazolam during the last two years.

But thatís just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Tens of thousands of elderly people have for years been spending their final years in a drug-induced stupor.

In hospitals and nursing homes everywhere, elderly patients are being subdued and sedated with tranquillisers and sleeping tablets.

Itís much easier to run either type of institution if the inmates spend most of their time sleeping.

Politicians have made things considerably worse by giving nurses legal authority to give old people drugs without their permission or authorisation.

The result of this is that hundreds of thousands of elderly people spend their final years unaware of what is going on around them; forcibly drugged into State-approved senselessness.

Makes you ashamed to be human doesnít it?

A friend of mine who is a doctor tells me that every time he visits his mother (who now resides in an expensive nursing home) he finds her asleep.

Each time he visits he demands to see the drug records and discovers yet again that his mother has been drugged.

He insists that the medication be withdrawn.

For a few days his mother becomes alert and awake.

Then, when they get fed up with nursing her, the staff start dishing out the pills again.

Thatís the way the elderly are treated these days.

With contempt.

Taken from Colemanís Laws by Vernon Coleman, which is available as an eBook and a paperback.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022