Election Chaos

Vernon Coleman

I was staggered today to see a Conservative party poster by the roadside; the poster contained the slogan `Actions not words’ and had obviously been resurrected from the 1970s.

It’s difficult to believe that anyone with a brain could possibly think it wise to put up such a poster.

Maybe Theresa May or Philip Hammond arranged it.

Nearly all the posters I’ve seen this last week have been for independent candidates.

This is precisely what I advocated in my book Bloodless Revolution.

If we are to rescue democracy and freedom from the grasp of the current batch of crooks in Parliament then we need to destroy the party system.

Incidentally, I did intend to stand as an MEP in the European elections.

I had made arrangements to fetch my £5,000 in cash from the bank (bizarrely, the authorities want deposits paid in cash) and I was ready to collect my forms when the Government finally made its mind up about our taking part in the elections.

However, it appears that, even though we don’t yet know whether or not the UK will be taking part in the EU elections, the date for applications has closed.


We don’t know yet whether we’re taking part in the elections but it has already been decided that it is too late for individual candidates to take part if we do take part.

The words `piss up’ and `brewery’ spring to mind.

Yet again.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2019

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