Electric Car Myths

Vernon Coleman

Journalists make two mistakes about electric cars.

First, they assume that the electricity they require is obtained by magic. It isnít, of course. Most of the electricity used to run cars is made from coal or oil.

Second, they promote electric cars as being cheaper to run. They arenít. I saw an article today in which the writer pointed out that an electric car costs only £35 to charge at a typical public charging point Ė less than half the cost of a typical tankful of petrol or diesel. What the writer forgot to mention is that an average electric car will go around 70 miles (with a tailwind) whereas a petrol or diesel car will go at least four times as far.

What they also never bother to point out is that electric cars have been proven to be inefficient, wasteful and unreliable. In the long run they require more oil than cars with traditional engines. Digging up the metals for the batteries uses up vast amounts of energy Ė and does irreparable damage to the planet.

Electrical cars are merely practical hypocrisy.

Like kids campaigning for the environment but insisting on being driven to school.

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