Elton John, Brexit, Nazis and Homosexuals

Vernon Coleman

I was surprised to read about Sir Elton Johnís tirade attacking the majority of British electors who chose to leave the EU. I didnít realise he regarded himself as a political expert on European affairs and able to dismiss 17.4 million Britons as idiots.

I was surprised for two reasons.

First, there has been no news of Sir Elton handing back his knighthood. Given what I have heard, I would have thought that would be the decent thing to do. The gong could then be given to another pop singer.

Second, I wonder if Sir Elton knows that the EU was created by Nazis Ė according to a design created for and by Adolf Hitler. And, of course, the Nazis killed many homosexuals. Maybe someone should tell Sir Elton the history of the European Union.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2019

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