Ending YouTube

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It saddened us both enormously to end the series of videos which we started last March. In six months the channel has grown from nothing to 168,000 subscribers.

But apart from taking down individual videos at a rapid rate, YouTube had also threatened to take down the whole channel if I recorded anything else which breached their bizarre and unscientific WHO rules.

I had four other scripts almost finished, and every one of them contained material about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of covid-19. All of them would have been removed by YouTube within a day or so at most. I looked through the scripts closely and tried to rewrite them so that they would not break the platform’s rules. But I couldn’t.

I then realised that it is now impossible to write and record anything about covid-19 (and expect it to stay `live’ on YouTube) without suppressing the truth and avoiding the scientific evidence.

I could have recorded another video but it would have been deleted very quickly and YouTube would have taken down the remaining 80 or so videos which are, I believe, still of value since they contain a mass of valuable material which, among other things, describe the way the hoax has unfolded.

Of course, they may still choose to remove those 80 videos – though that would seem to me to be nothing more than an act of spite.

As I explained in the video – I’ll be back. But not on YouTube. I haven’t given up. I hope the subscribers who watched the videos on YouTube will join me wherever I end up. Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched all the videos there are around 80 of them still there…for the moment.

We are putting together a book containing the scripts of all the videos broadcast in May, June, July and August- together with a foreword and an afterword unpublished elsewhere. It will, I hope, be a valuable guide to how the hoax has unfolded. We’ll put a note on this website when it’s available.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 3rd 2020

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