The End of Birds

Dr Vernon Coleman

The global warming nutters (now presumably tired of the polar bear myth) are claiming that there are fewer birds in our gardens and hedgerows because of climate change.

This is a truly pitiful piece of misinformation and deceit.

It is a pity that those promoting this myth don’t know a little more about the world in which they live.

If they’d bothered to read `Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson (which was published in 1962) they would know the truth: that birds have been disappearing for decades because of the pesticides, insecticides used by farmers and gardeners. `Silent Spring’ was and is credited with founding the modern movement to protect the environment.

The poisons sprayed onto our fields (and gardens) have killed off insects (including butterflies, of course).

And since many birds live largely on insect life, millions of birds have died.

The disappearance of birds has as much to do with the pseudoscientific arguments about global warming as it has to do with the popularity of hula hoops, yoghurt and tattoos.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022

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