The End for NHS Dentistry?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I donít usually bother with rumours but this one could be important.

Iíve heard that in the UK, the Government is going to force dentists to see no more than one patient an hour. There is no logical reason for this but logic plays no part in anything these days (and `scienceí is just an old fashioned word which is now entirely irrelevant as far as our `leadersí are concerned).

If this rumour is true (and I think it could be) then it will destroy NHS dentistry.

Dentists working in the NHS donít get paid much per patient and so rely on numbers. They need a lot of patients to make a living.

If a dentist is only allowed to see one patient an hour then private dentists will probably cope (though I suspect many will have to put up their prices).

But there will be no more dentistry within the NHS.

The Government will say it was simply saving lives.

And it will blame dentists for quitting the NHS.

But the end result will be no more NHS dentistry.

And those who cannot afford private dentistry will be left with no dental care at all.

Was this all part of the mad, indefensible lockdown and social distancing strategies?

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 27th 2020

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