Preparing for the Energy Shortage

Vernon Coleman

The half wits (mostly children and celebrities) who believe the climate change myth don’t realise it, but it is not climate change (aka global warming aka global cooling) which will destroy the world’s economy, and lead to millions of deaths, but the hysterical response to the absurd threats, demands and campaigns of the climate change mythologists.

Politicians and business folk who are desperate to appease the unwashed and the downright potty are going to wreck the planet by agreeing to their daft demands to stop using fossil fuels.

The coming problem is not going to be increasing temperatures – but an absence of energy.

I have for decades been warning that our madnesses are going to lead to power outages that last for days or weeks.

By closing down electricity plants which rely on coal and gas and by not building nuclear power plants we are creating a massive problem.

Our attempts to lead the world in appeasing the climate change nutters, and obeying daft EU laws, mean that Britain is now probably the most vulnerable nation on the planet.

Millions are going to freeze or starve to death because of these policies.

It is downright silly to assume that solar energy and wind power can ever replace fossil fuels.

Antoinette and I take this threat very seriously.

And we are taking practical steps to prepare ourselves for electricity failures.

We are buying a caravan which we are going to park in the garden. And we are going to have the roof plastered with solar panels. Together with Calor gas cylinders we think this should enable us to heat some food and keep warm when the electricity goes down and we cannot heat the house. If the planning people allow us to do so we will also fix up a small windmill to produce a little more electricity. In most parts of Britain it is either windy or sunny so we should be OK. We will, in effect, camp in the garden when the electricity and the gas are not available.

You probably think we’re barking.

I don’t.

The threat is real.

Our energy problems will be caused by the politically correct attempting to please the misguided, misinformed souls who have bought the climate change myth.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2019

If you want to know more about the energy crisis read: A Bigger Problem than Climate Change by Vernon Coleman. It is available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon. I’ll send a copy to young Greta.