Why There Can Never Be an English Assembly

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Now that we have Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies there have been calls for an English assembly.

It can’t and won’t ever happen for a simple reason.

The Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies were actually created not to give those regions more control over their destiny but as Regional Parliaments.

It is important to understand that the EU plan for the United Kingdom is to break it up into a number of regions. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will all be individual regions – with their own small parliaments.

England, however, will be divided into nine regions. (One of the regions actually includes a little bit of Northern France.)

One of those regions is London.

And that’s why there is a London assembly.

Remember John Prescott’s plan for a Northern Parliament?

That idea that was thrown out by voters.

But it was actually an attempt by the EU to create another Regional Parliament – to go with the ones which it has created in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London.

And in reality the Northern region still exists.

There cannot be an English Parliament because there are, altogether, nine official Regions in England.

The plan (which was shelved because it was so unpopular) is that England will be broken into these regions for administrative purposes.

(Just put ‘English regional parliaments’ into a search engine if you want more information.)

The sad thing is that millions of people in Scotland and Wales believe their Assemblies are the first step on the road to independence.

In reality they are the exact opposite.

Those assemblies are just a first step towards the EU’s plan for the regionalisation of the United Kingdom.

Maybe someone should tell the silly Sturgeon woman, who appears to me to be quite deluded.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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