Why Little Englanders Are Good Eggs (And Those Who Sneer At Them Are Patronising, Racist Colonialists)

Vernon Coleman

Those who want England to leave Hitler’s Bastard Lovechild (aka The European Union aka Clegg’s Pension Fund) are frequently demonised by fascist EU lovers.

The favourite insult among EU lovers is to describe all eurosceptics as `Little Englanders’. I suspect that the EU lovers are showing their ignorance. Those who use this term in a pejorative fashion clearly don't understand its origin or meaning. (But then the EU aficionados are not renowned for their understanding of history, their sense of culture or their intelligence.) The fact is that the term Little Englander dates from the Boer War and refers to people who were, at the time, opposed to the English Empire and who were anti-Imperialist. The Little Englanders wanted the English to stop taking over the world. Such folk were, at the time, regarded as unpatriotic.

Today, ignorant pro-EU fascists use the term as one of abuse. And so it seems safe to assume that all those who are not Little Englanders must, by definition, be determined that England should take over the world, colonising distant parts of the world, painting maps pink and generally proving themselves to be latter day racists.

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