Two reasons why England is stuffed

Dr Vernon Coleman

The latest census figures show that the population in England and Wales grew 6% over the last decade to 60 million. (Add in Scotland and Northern Ireland and the figure is 67 million.)

A decade ago, England was already the most overcrowded country in the western world – with all the social and infrastructure problems that is caused by overcrowding. Things are now much worse.

And here’s the odd thing.

At least 400,000 English tax paying citizens emigrate every year.

So the total population should have fallen by 4 million.

But it has risen by over 4 million.

That’s 8 million immigrants with different religions and languages.

No country can change its nature so quickly without huge problems developing.

And the second problem?

Well in England there are 5.4 million state employees for a population of 60 million. (That was 2019. Today’s figure is much higher.)

Compare that to the US where there are 4.5 million federal employees for a population of 332 million.


You bet.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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