Why I've Joined The English Democrats

Vernon Coleman

The present and the future get bleaker every day.

America and the EU member countries are now all fascist states. (Those who doubt this should see the definition of fascism included in my book Living In A Fascist Country).

The United Kingdom is being broken up into regions.

Once-strong currencies (such as the dollar and the pound) are collapsing (and are likely to continue to collapse).

Small and medium sized businesses are being strangled by red tape.

Taxes are rising inexorably and the quality of public services is in a deep decline.

Politicians everywhere are corrupt and self-serving.

And England, a once proud nation with a vast history, is about to disappear.

For ever.

Hardly anyone seems to care about any of these things.

Most English people, of course, don't know what is happening to their country. England is full of sleeping princes and princesses.

Anyone who relies upon the BBC or the national press for information will be well educated about the McCanns, the size of Jordan's breasts and the decline of the English football team.

But they will have little or no idea of what is really going on in England. They won't understand that successive Governments have deliberately signed treaties which allow England to be torn apart and recreated as anonymous administrative regions. They won't understand that the EU's defenders don't play by old-fashioned rules of decency and honesty.

For a while I believed that the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) offered the best hope to those of us who don't want to see Britain swallowed up by a new European superstate.

I supported UKIP (and spoke at their annual conference) because I believed it was the most significant political party opposing the European Union and the handing over of our sovereignty to a group of nameless, unelected bureaucrats.

A few years ago UKIP seemed to me to offer hope, enthusiasm, passion, purpose and integrity.

It seemed to be a genuine fourth party - threatening to become a major player in British politics.

But UKIP seems to me to have lost its way.

I have three major criticisms.

First, despite many opportunities, and much enthusiasm from willing supporters, UKIP has failed to establish itself as a significant political party with genuine policies on issues that matter. What is UKIP's policies the war in Iraq? Maybe they have a policy and its my fault for not knowing what it is. Maybe it's their fault for not making sure that I know. No, I don't know either. I did write and ask to be told their view on the Iraq war. I never received a reply.

Second, despite the fact that its membership is almost exclusively opposed to the European Union - and wants the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible - UKIP seems to me to be curiously muted in its comments about the EU. Maybe I'm being unfair about this. But it's the way things seem to me and perceptions are crucial. Now that a number of UKIP's leading figures have become MEPs, with seats in the European Parliament, the party seems to me to have become rather less strident in its criticisms of the EU. Is that unjust? Possibly. But, again, perception is vital. I can't help worrying that some of UKIP's leading figures might have been infected just a little by the European disease. Could they have gone native? I don't know. But the uncomfortable feeling is there and it won't go away. (I was startled when UKIP's official magazine refused to accept advertising leaflets promoting my books attacking the EU and supporting England. The excuses they produced - and the way they seemed to use spin to try to escape from an embarrassing situation - did not impress me.)

Third, and most important, UKIP has been overtaken by events.

Sadly, I believe that the United Kingdom is finished.

The Scottish Parliament, and the Scottish nationalists, have seen to that.

The Scottish and Welsh nationalists think that their countries are heading towards independence. They don't realise that they are heading not towards independence but towards European regionalisation. The Scottish Parliament is, in reality, merely a Regional Parliament of the EU. The same is true of the Welsh Parliament. But the Scots and the Welsh don't realise this. They enthusiastically support membership of the European Union because they foolishly and naively believe that staying in the EU will enable them to reach full independence.

Scotland and Wales will survive only as regions of the EU. But that is more than will happen to England. When the European plan reaches its final stages, England will become nine anonymous regions. English history and culture will be forgotten.

There is little point in UKIP fighting to save something that is already lost. The evidence isn't hard to find and UKIP's leaders should have seen it. After all, the vast majority of UKIP's votes come from English electors. Very few people in Scotland or Wales vote for UKIP - or care about the United Kingdom.

UKIP has missed the point, the vote and the chance of a future.

I now believe that England's hope lies with the English Democrats.

And that those of us who care for England - and want to fight the EU - should join the English Democrats.

The United Kingdom will not survive much longer.

I believe England's only hope is to create an English Parliament, escape from the European Union and declare independence. This is a rearguard action and it's one that everyone who cares about England should fight.

I believe that the English Democrats offer England the best hope and I'm proud to be a member.

Their slogan is `Putting England First' and I approve of that.

If you want to join the English Democrats, or to know more about them, visit their website on www.englishdemocrats.org.uk or write to them at PO Box 1066, Norwich, NR14 6ZJ, England.

Do it now.

England depends on you.

And time is running out.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2007

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