How They Are Lying to Enslave Us

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The lies keep coming. I have never in my life seen so much misinformation being broadcast with such apparent enthusiasm. I spend much of each day trying to understand what we are being told and why.

But the mysteries arrive faster than the explanations. There is a good deal of misdirection, a good deal of exaggeration, much sleight of hand, a good deal of psychological warfare stuff and many attempts to blind us with a small part of a story; to exaggerate in order to influence.

When I was a medical student I ran a nightclub in the city where I was studying. The club was in a pretty rough part of the town and apart from having a DJ playing music, we showed upside down Buster Keaton films on the ceiling and occasionally mixed them up with colourful histology slides which we also projected on the ceiling. It was the histology slides which got me into trouble when the BBC mentioned them in a broadcast about the club. The medical school Dean was not amused and I acquired a large black mark as a result.

Although quite a lot of students attended the club there was a hard core of youths who would make the roughest and toughest of today’s statue toppling Black Lives Protestors look like kids on a Sunday School outing.

Most of them carried knives and weren’t afraid to use them and it was, I’m afraid, a rare evening when there wasn’t a large puddle of blood on the floor at the end of an evening.

Most of the time the kids with the knives were decent enough with me and I didn’t have problems with them. But then half a dozen new ones turned up and were spoiling to make their mark. They got a little feisty with their knives and although I wasn’t cut I was allowed to take an uncomfortably close look at some fairly intimidating pieces of steel.

So the next day I went into the city centre and bought myself a stick.

It wasn’t an ordinary stick, however. It was a sword stick with a long, very pointy blade hidden inside it. In those days you could buy and carry a swordstick quite legally.

The following evening, when the boys with the knives gathered around, there was much jeering at the stick I was carrying.

Until, that is, I pulled the first foot and a half of the blade out of the stick. It was, of course, a considerably larger blade than any of those the boys were carrying. This was a couple of decades before Crocodile Dundee.

The effect was instantaneous – and so was the respect.

The knives were all put away. And they never came out again.

I would never have used my sword, of course. But they didn’t know that. The existence of it, and the implied threat, was enough.

It was a crude psychological trick to take control of the situation.

And that’s what governments are now doing.

They are using every trick in the book to threaten us and to keep us terrified and awed. Some of the tricks are very crude. Some are fairly subtle. They’re the sort of tricks used to defeat a real enemy. Our own governments are using the same sort of tricks which were used in World War II. But this time they’re not using them on Nazis – they’re using them on us.

And the tricks, and the lies, keep coming because they are working.

Our own governments, which are now our enemy, are doing everything they can and they are succeeding in terrifying a good chunk of the population. They are doing so not because of the science but for political and commercial reasons.

Politicians are obeying the principles of Agenda 21 – more of which in a future video – and trying to satisfy the commercial requirements of an industry which sees a bonanza payday tantilisingly close.

Yesterday, I saw several tiny children wearing masks because their parents had obviously believed the nonsense. One child, no more than four or five-years-old, started to cry when her mask slipped. She was only comforted when the mask was replaced.

And I saw two motorists, alone in their cars, driving while wearing masks. The truth, if that is still considered acceptable, is that masks can cause hypoxia and damage brain function. It won't be long before drivers start having crashes because they are wearing masks. And why are small children being forced to wear masks? There is no scientific point to it.

Why does no one in government point out that the virus is so small that it will zoom through mask material like a fly through chicken wire?

A large car park, run by the council, was still shut but it didn’t much matter because there weren’t many people about. Many of the shops which should have been open were shut. Some obviously permanently and some shut because staff didn’t want or dare to return to work. Coffee shops were open only for take away coffees. No one seemed to be buying. We went into a restaurant, mostly empty, and they happily served us coffees – pleased to have a couple of customers buying something.

The official estimate is that 0.03 of the population of England have the virus. Can you imagine how likely it is that you will meet someone with the virus? Or that you will catch it? Or that it will do you serious harm?

Am I the only one to see the irony in the fact that last year, in Britain, a man was fined £90 for wearing a mask while walking past a facial recognition camera put there by the police? It's odd how things have changed so quickly. Last year, Hong Kong banned masks to stifle public protests. Laws banning face coverings in public were passed in France, Belgium, Austria and Denmark. In Canada, rioters who covered their faces with masks risked ten years in jail. And in America some states have had laws banning face coverings since 1845. The laws were put in place to try to get rid of bandits.

Cressida Dick, the Police Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police in London has said that the police will only enforce the law on wearing face masks as a last resort. `My hope,’ she is quoted as saying, `is that the vast majority of people will comply, and that people who are not complying will be shamed into complying or shamed to leave the store.’

How nice of her.

Cressida Dick should know all about shame. She was, of course, the officer who made the decision for the police to shoot a young innocent Brazilian man in 2005. Police apparently shot eleven times from close range. They managed to shoot the entirely innocent man seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.

`I think about it quite often,’ Dick allegedly said last year while chatting on a BBC programme called Desert Island Discs. Quite often? Most people, I suspect, would think about it pretty well all the time.

I suspect I am not alone in thinking she should have been sacked. Instead she now has a top police job and believes that those choosing not to damage their health by wearing useless masks should be made to feel ashamed. I am not entirely sure that encouraging other shoppers to shame non-mask wearers is entirely within Ms Dick’s role in the police.

And does this surely damned woman (I use the word damned in its Christian sense) not realise that the Government has made it clear that people with health problems – including anxiety – do not have to wear masks? And nor do young children. Is she suggesting that these individuals, who may be fearful for many reasons, be deliberately shamed? Are the police officially suggesting that patients with respiratory and heart disease be deliberately shamed? Is Dick suggesting that those with mental health problems be shamed? So it would seem.

My utter contempt for Cressida Dick is endless.

We should call en masse for her to be sacked. Write to your MP. Write to the newspapers. If you do nothing else today, do what you can to get this woman fired. She is an utter disgrace to the human race. I cannot believe it. Encouraging people to shame the sick and the frail and the anxious and the mentally ill! And shaming children!

It is said that masks are being made compulsory not to protect against an infection but to provide reassurance for people who are too terrified to go to the shops. It seems that the WHO may have reversed its view, and decided that masks are necessary, because of political pressure. From whom? Was it Gates – now about to be the WHO’s main sponsor? Is the plan to keep us terrified until the vaccine is ready?

The masks are not giving confidence, of course – they are increasing the terror among the people who fear that we are living in a plague year. I shall certainly not be wearing a mask, of course.

In many of the shops which were open there was a real sense of terror. I got stuck at one point on the wrong side of a barrier designed to keep pedestrians in two lines. I moved a barrier just enough to squeeze through and within seconds a guard had appeared from nowhere. He shouted at me and when I ignored him he started screeching excitedly into his portable radio. I have no idea what he was saying or what he thought was going to happen.

I went into several shops to try and buy a top up for my ancient mobile phone. No one would sell me one. In one shop a masked cashier, whom I could hardly hear (he was also sitting behind a plastic screen), started to sell me a top up voucher when a manager rushed over screaming `No top ups. We don’t do top ups’. Why on earth not? What did she, or her bosses, think might happen?

Anyone who talks glibly of a V shaped recovery in the economy needs to get out into the shops. I will be surprised if there are many High Street shops left in the UK by Christmas. And things are getting worse everywhere. Pensions will be devastated because many companies have stopped paying dividends. Everyone who doesn’t have a job and a pension with the State will be financially disadvantaged. The State is using over £1 billion of taxpayers money in the UK to act as a patron for the arts though it is difficult to see why the arts, and the suffering celebrities, shouldn’t suffer, make do and be creative to find their way out of the manufactured crisis. Meanwhile, an estimated 250 million people around the world will lose their jobs – largely due to the lockdowns which followed Neil Ferguson’s slightly hysterical in my view, and inaccurate, forecasts. The ensuing poverty will create pain and illness.

And the disappearance of High Street shops is, of course, part of the plan. This isn’t paranoia. It’s Agenda 21 from the United Nations. I’ve been reading yards of material about the plans they have for our future and to be honest its terrified even me.

This is, of course, all the part of the Global Reset. It has not been kept a secret but they’ve slipped the plan past most of us and they have sold it, falsely, as a solution to non-existent global warming – the second biggest scam in history and an excuse for the awful things they are planning for us.

The misdirection has been skilful. Governments have made life complicated and unpleasant and threatening in order to distract us and blind us with a threat which doesn’t really exist. Doctors and nurses have been forbidden to counter the propaganda – and most have, sadly, obeyed their orders.

Governments have persuaded millions of half wits to worry about climate change, and also racism and sexual politics of course, when these are not the main danger we face. The spoilt elitists who are trapped in their own concept of history and have energy to waste on worrying about Cecil Rhodes and so on should try looking forwards rather than backwards.

We are heading for global slavery, organised by the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a bunch of unelected billionaires. The risk for our future is very real and it is a horror coming to your family and your home.

The protestors have, in my view, missed the big picture and, misled and lied to by governments everywhere, they dismiss as a conspiracy the truly frightening elements of the Global Reset they have planned for us.

I know some people won’t believe any of this. It’s all too much for them.

But let me leave you with one threat that you can easily check.

Part of the Global Reset is a plan to combine all religions together into a new World Religion which may or may not be called Chrislam. Chrislam, an attempt to combine Christianity with Islam, has been around for some time, in a very quiet sort of way, but it is now progressing rapidly. Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, announced that May 14th is to be World Chrislam Day and is said to have appointed 13 Chrislam friendly cardinals. Last year the Vatican released a Chrislam Logo for Pope Francis.

I wonder if it is a coincidence that churches may now be open but are not providing services.

Oh, and just put Chrislam and ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair into your search engine. Or take a look at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Tony BlairInstitute for Global Change.

Blair launched his Faith Foundation in 2008 to work towards global faith. Blair said then that extremists who did not want to join together would be put `into retreat’. What did he mean by that? I don’t know. But I’ve seen the film of him saying it.

Later Obama got involved. And in 2012 the Vatican called for One World Order and a Global Government.

The constant excuse was that we needed a global government and a global church to protect us against climate change.

Oh and guess who can be found among Blair’s list of partners.

You won’t guess if we sit here all day.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

And Microsoft.

It’s all there, out in the open.

The United Nations 21 plan is for a World Government (with population control near the top of its agenda). The excuse for this is climate change. The UN also says that we obviously need a World Church. It seems that individual religions will disappear into one. But what will happen to Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Methodists, Evangelical Christians, Presbytarians?

Do any of us have a say in any of this?

Before we know what has happened the UN will have given us its World Government and its World Church – whether we like itor not.

That is what the climate change campaign was all about – preparing us for a global reset. And that is what the coronavirus nonsense is all about.

Check it out. All the information is available on the internet. I’ve given you all the clues you need. This is definitely, most definitely, not a conspiracy theory.

The only conspiracy is the one leading towards a World Government and a World Church.

Oh, and think about this: in 1991 the Club of Rome published a book entitled `The First Global Revolution’ in which it admitted to inventing climate change as a common enemy of mankind in order to unite the world.

It really can’t get any clearer.

Finally, before I stopped receiving emails I saw several complaining about the sound quality of these videos and, not surprisingly, offering help with new equipment and professional advice.

Well, thank you but no. I’m not interested and don’t have time or energy for upgrading our top level equipment. We use my old iPad, a microphone that cost under a tenner and a cheap camera tripod and anyone who wants better sound quality will need to go and watch something else – I gather the sound quality on those videos about skateboarding hamsters is excellent.

Oh and my thanks to YouTube who have, after I protested, put back up my video entitled `Face Masks – Ending the Confusion’. That probably took some courage, so thank you.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2020

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