The EU’s Most Enthusiastic Supporters?

Vernon Coleman

Here is a list of the individuals who seem to me to be among the most enthusiastic supporters of the EU.

1. Walter Hallstein – during the Second World War he was a Nazi army officer. He helped write the original document calling for the elimination of the Jewish race. He later became the first President of the European Commission and was a signatory of the Treaty of Rome.
2. Tony Blair – a former British Prime Minister and another war criminal.
3. Konrad Adenauer – an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler. He stuffed the first post War German government with Nazis.
4. Peter Mandelson- controversial Labour politician (he had to resign twice) who worked for the EU for four years and is entitled to an EU pension of £31,000 as long as he remains loyal to the EU.
5. Robert Schuman – the so-called `Father of Europe’ and the man who created the European Coal and Steel Community (the forerunner of the European Union) was a supporter of Hitler.
6. Oswald Moseley – the well-known fascist was a great believer in the European Union. In 1953 he founded a magazine called `The European’.
7. Ted Heath – who took Britain into the EU after lying to the electors and was given a tax free payment of £35,000 as a reward.
8. Manu Macron – the widely loathed President of France seems keen to be the first President of the United States of Europe.
9. Joachim von Ribbentrop – Hitler’s Foreign Minister and the man who officially proposed the formation of a European Union (complete with unelected Commissioners).
10. Major Quisling – Norwegian army officer who ruled Norway on behalf of the Nazis. He should be regarded as a founding father of the European Union.
11. Nicola Sturgeon – anxious to break up the United Kingdom and wants Scotland to remain a member of the European Union. (Countries within the EU are destined to become regions but Scottish nationalists seem to believe their country will be independent if it is an EU member.)
12. Walther Funk – Funk was Hitler’s Economics Minister and adviser. It was Funk who devised the European Union and the euro.
Copyright Vernon Coleman January 21st 2019

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