Essential Escapes

Dr Vernon Coleman

We all need to escape occasionally from the increasingly depressing world in which we now live. Here are seven suggestions for books which can help you escape for a few hours:

1. Paris in my Springtime
Is this a novel or is it an autobiography? Not easy to decide. My Dad got it wrong. The `author’ is at medical school and is taken ill. He goes to Paris to convalesce. Things happen.

2. Second Chance
The Hero overcomes the adversity of daily life by running away. He starts a new life in the village of `Fondling under Water’.

3. My Secret Years with Elvis
This is the story of what might have happened if Elvis Presley hadn’t died but had faked his own death and moved to Paris. Meticulously researched the book shows how Elvis was tired of superstardom and ran away – with the help of a friend from the army. Read the first chapter and you’ll be hooked.

4. Deadline
An investigate reporter has lost his job and his wife has walked out on him. Before he can feel sorry for himself he is dragged into a search for a woman who has mysteriously disappeared. She went to the loo in a Parisian café – and never returned. The reporter’s search takes him across Europe and exposes a massive insurance fraud and a chain of crooked nursing homes.

`The chase is gripping, the stakes are high and the opposition deadly’ – Stewart Peterson, Greenock Telegraph

5. Tunnel
The story of what happens to a group of people travelling by train through the Channel Tunnel by train. And then there is an explosion and all hell breaks loose.

6. Village Cricket Tour
Sold over 35,000 hardback copies in the UK alone and is regarded as a classic except by a woman who bought it her for her brother (a clergyman) and thought he wouldn’t approve of the risqué bits.

`I enjoyed it immensely. He has written a book that will entertain, amuse and warm the cockles of tired old hearts.’ – Peter Tinniswood, Punch

`Seminal reading should now embrace Vernon Coleman’s latest offering, a whimsical piece about the peregrinations of a village team on its summer tour.’ – The Cricketer

7. The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course

The story of a man who inherits a golf course but knows nothing about golf. The novel has been optioned for the movies three times but so far no movie has been made.

`As captain of my golf club I thought your book was a hoot.’ – HD

`An excellent and amusing story and I’m not even a golfer.’ - JH

The books listed above all have the same author. Guess who.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023