This is Orwell’s Eternal War

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. If there is a nuclear war, America will start it. And America will lose. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine looks like becoming a permanent conflict. Orwell was right.

2. Junior doctors in the UK are on strike because their demands for a 35% pay rise have not been met. This is insane and genocidal. The union leaders must know that the demands are impossible. If such huge pay rises were given out to state employees the result would be a massive rise in inflation, soaring interest rates, massive destruction of the economy and millions dying of starvation. Maybe that is what the strikers really want. Some of the strikers say their pay has fallen over the years. That’s the fault of their union – the British Medical Association – and it’s unfair to hold the country to ransom for their own failure.

3. It is sometimes said that our politicians (Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Sunak, etc.) are too stupid, incompetent and greedy to organise the Great Reset. And they are. The people behind the Great Reset live in the shadows. Politicians are merely corrupt stooges for the WEF and are proof that whenever there is a cess pit, the crap will always rise to the top.

4. Ukraine soldiers in Bakhmut have a life expectancy of four hours. When they abandon their posts they leave behind guns and bullets – often provided by NATO – which are picked up and used by the Russians.

5. Too many people are content to be slaves because they fear the cost and consequences of freedom.

6. Israel is attacking Muslims, and Ukrainians are attacking Christians. The World War III has dangerous religious overtones.

7. Taxes are destined to continue to rise for years to come. Governments are creating nanny states which are taking over ever-greater control of their nation’s money.

8. It is no accident that we are facing a seemingly endless series of problems – all global in nature. Economies have collapsed. There are bank problems everywhere. Global recessions are turning into depressions. Food prices are soaring and there are shortages. Fuel and energy prices are rocketing. Inflation is rife and interest rates are rising. Central banks all over the world are introducing digital currencies. Mayors all over the world are arbitrarily declaring that their city will become a smart city – regardless of the citizens’ wishes. Vaccination programmes are spreading and there is, again, talk of mandatory programmes being introduced. Alleged climate changes are being blamed for everything. New rules about houses and housing are being introduced and creating mayhem. Crazy attempts to outlaw all fossil fuels are being introduced – with disastrous results. There are strikes throughout the Western world – mainly among well-paid civil servants who have massive, inflation-proofed pensions. The elderly are being killed in hospitals everywhere. All of this is what politicians and royals mean when they talk of the Great Reset. The media no longer provide news – they give us nothing but propaganda provided by the globalists and their cheerleaders. The evil conspirators know that everything today is about perception management and at that they are masters.

9. The Davos crowd are inordinately greedy and never satisfied. Since 2020, the gap in wealth between the super- rich and the poor has risen faster than ever and is now wider than ever. In the war between us and them there are no rules. They play dirty and regard us as disposable fodder.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023