The EU Is Doomed

Vernon Coleman

Just about everything intrusive and destructive that has happened to Britain in general (and England in particular) has come from the European Union. We pay massive membership fees to be members of a club no sane person would want to join. And the EU uses our money to promote itself to us. We pay to be indoctrinated.

The EU has ensured that there is very little future for entrepreneurs in Europe. The sensible thing for any school leaver today is to get a job as a eurocrat. There is little work to be done but massive benefits: high pay, the best pension in the world, long holidays, no stress, no weekend work, no responsibilities. And lots of power. (Incidentally, although the UK represents 12% of the EU population, and contributes hugely to the EU budget, its citizens make up only 6% of the Commission staff. Britain is now the least well represented country in the Commission, with the possible exception of the Romania.)

The EU has always been an organisation which exists primarily to provide jobs for the boys (and girls). If you know the right people and say the right things ('The EU is wonderful. The EU is wonderful. The EU is wonderful.') There are plenty of jobs available. All with lovely big salaries, splendid expense accounts and massive, take-it-early gold-plated, inflation linked pensions.

Lots of Remainer MPs will be hoping for well-paid EU jobs when they lose their seats.

Amazingly, the EU has four presidents (one would be more than enough). There is the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament and the Rotating President of the European Union. Naturally, each president is surrounded and supported by an expensive presidential administration. Four presidents. We've living in a fascist superstate which has four bloody presidents.

In March 2010, the EU announced that it had streamlined the way it recruits eurocrats. (These are the cushiest jobs in the world. Eurocrats count as expatriates, thereby avoiding the horrors of the UK taxman, they can retire early (at 50) on massive pensions (ordinary eurocrats have to try to make do on around 100,000 a year) and they have more perks than a banker.) The new format, boasted a spokesman for the EU, will ensure that candidates will know within five to nine months if they have clinched a job - half the present time.

I couldn't help wondering what the test consists of. What sort of bribe would you take to allow? What wine would you drink with oysters?

There is no doubt that the EU has become a gravy train for staff and their friends.

The EU is destroying England because for Hitler's `project' to succeed, individual nations must be crushed and divided up into regions. (As I explained in my book England Our England, first published in 2002, there is no discernible difference between the EU we have and the EU that Hitler planned to create.)

The good news is that the EU and the euro are going to fail. (I first forecast the downfall of both in my book England Our England.) Every political career ends in disaster and the same is true of fascist, kleptocratic states.

When the end comes the euro will collapse quickly, destroyed by the bankruptcies of several nations - Greece, Portugal and possibly Spain. The EU will follow shortly afterwards. By 2020, the EU will have collapsed under the weight of its own laws, eurocracy and inherent corruption. A growing number of people will eventually stir and rise up at the fact that we are ruled by a couple of dozen unelected commissioners.

The EU will implode not because people want it to go (which they do) but through greed and incompetence. The EU has never responded to democratic principles. And in the end its downfall will be inevitable and unavoidable.

Chances of the euro failing by 2020: 50%.

Chances of the EU collapsing by 2020: 30%.

Taken from 2020: What the Future Holds by Vernon Coleman (originally published in 2010) which is now available as a digital paperback on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019