Facts About The EU Everyone Should Know

Vernon Coleman

1. VAT fraud within the EU has always been a huge problem but, over the years, the EU has done far too little to stop criminals making money out of VAT fiddles. In fact, judging by the evidence the EU seems to have been encouraging fraud. Today, VAT fraud within the EU costs taxpayers around £100 billion a year. (Yes, that’s £100 billion with a `b’.)

2. The EU took control of your savings and your bank account in April 2013 when unelected eurocrats decided to put a special `tax’ on savers who had deposited money in banks on the island of Cyprus. They called it a tax but it was, in practical terms, no more justifiable than armed robbery - the only difference being that the EU has more guns at its disposal than any gang of hoodlums. The EU then deliberately started the collapse of the gold price by telling Cyprus to sell off its gold in order to pay its debts.

3. The EU has very close links with Goldman Sachs - one of the world’s most evil companies.

4. A eurocrat working in Brussels has admitted that: `It is necessary to compose a regulation to cover every area of human activity, process and production.’

5. The German people are expected to bail out the non tax paying citizens of Greece. It is generally assumed that the Germans are rich and the Greeks are poor. However, the Germans have the lowest average household wealth in the Eurozone - slightly less than 50,000 euros per household. The average Greek household is worth twice that.

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