How much do you really know about the EU?

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Whose idea was the EU?
a) Bonnie and Clyde
b) Mack the Knife
c) The Hole in the Wall Gang
d) Benito Mussolini

2. Whose idea was the euro (the pan European currency)?
a) Ned Kelly
b) The Great Train Robbers
c) Jesse James
d) Walther Funk (economics adviser to Adolf Hitler)

3. Who was the first person to use the phrase ‘European Economic Community’?
a) John Dilinger
b) Hillary Clinton
c) Elvis Presley
d) Herman Goering (Reichsmarshall in Nazi Germany)

4. Who was the first person to use the phrase United States of Europe?
a) The Yorkshire Ripper
b) Nick Clegg
c) Barack Obama
d) Adolf Hitler

5. How much was Prime Minister Edward Heath paid to take Britain into the Common Market?
a) He wasn’t paid anything
b) £5 in M&S vouchers
c) £1,000
d) £35,000 tax free

6. Why do some many people in Europe want to come to Britain?
a) Because of the weather
b) Because they are cricket fans
c) Because they want to live near to the Queen
d) Because Britain is the only country offering newcomers a full range of financial benefits

7. How many bureaucrats does the EU employ? (All paid huge salaries, free of tax and all receiving more holidays than school teachers)
a) 55
b) 550
c) 5,500
d) 55,000

8. Who has made rubbish collecting so complicated?
a) Local councils
b) Genghis Khan
c) Nicola Sturgeon
d) The EU

9. The European Central Bank (which controls EU monetary policy) was set up by:
a) An independent group of crooks
b) Royal Bank of Scotland
c) Dennis the Menace
d) The German Bundesbank which was set up by the Reichsbank which was German’s central bank during World War II

10. How many lobbyists, representing big companies, live and work in Brussels so that they can influence EU law making?
a) 20
b) 200
c) 2,000
d) 20,000

11. Who invented VAT?
a) The Monster Raving Loony Party
b) The Scottish Nationalists
c) The Liberal Democrats
d) The EU

12.Who organised the first meeting of the new European Federation in 1943?
a) Stalin
b) Napoleon
c) Vlad the Impaler
d) Adolf Hitler

Score 0 if you answered a, b or c to any of the questions.

The correct answer to every question is answer d.

Please ask your friends, neighbours, relatives and anyone who voted Remain in the referendum to try this quiz.

Note: The questions and correct answers are taken from The EU: The Truth About the Fourth Reich (How Adolf Hitler Won the Second World War) by Daniel J Beddowes and Flavio Cipollini (published by Les Editions de la Resistance). This book, now a standard reference work on the EU, is available as an ebook on Amazon. Copyright Vernon Coleman 2016