The EU Wastes Vast Quantities of Taxpayers’ Money

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Fraud is endemic within the EU. Back in 1999, the entire EU Commission was forced to resign because of massive corruption, fraud, theft and incompetence within the EU. (The disgraced commissioners refused to quit for six months and when they did go, they kept their pensions.) The EU’s own Court of Auditors claimed that £1.1 billion had been misspent and when they tried to investigate, the commissioners explained that documents relating to the relevant year had been destroyed. Whoops. It’s so easy to put 300 boxes of accounts into the shredder by mistake. No one was arrested, sacked or punished.

‘Opportunities for fraud are open and they are taken advantage of,’ said Marta Andreasen, the EU’s former Chief Accountant. She was sacked after complaining of fraud within the EU’s accounting systems. The fraudsters all kept their highly paid jobs.

Estimates vary but it seems that fraud costs the EU (which means European taxpayers) a large part of its annual multi billion pound budget. The cost of the fraud rises annually. And VAT fraud within the EU costs European taxpayers another £100 billion a year. Every year billions of euros simply disappear from the EU’s accounts. In 2013 alone, the European Union wasted £6 billion on fraudulent, illegal or ineligible spending projects. For the 19th year in a row, the official auditors refused to approve the EU’s accounts or to guarantee their accuracy. Auditors routinely complain that the EU’s budget is full of errors and that the failure to follow the correct procedures means that the accounts mess is impossible to untangle. Fraud, corruption and theft are endemic and it does not seem entirely unlikely that money from the EU finds its way into the pockets and campaign funds of politicians who are enthusiastic supporters of the EU project. Could that possibly explain why so many politicians love the EU when their electors hate it?

Money that the EU has given as ‘grants’ to member countries often disappears. Funds that were paid for bridge building and job creation are quite possibly spent on fast cars, expensive wine and luxury holidays.

It has been estimated that a third of EU employees are corrupt, a third are incompetent and a third are both corrupt and incompetent. If the EU were a company, its directors would by now be serving long prison terms. However, no one employed by the EU is ever prosecuted for theft or dismissed for incompetence because everyone working for the EU has lifetime immunity. EU staff members are untouchable and cannot be investigated, charged or arrested whatever they have done. This immunity continues after their employment has ceased. I bet you didn’t know that.

Buildings occupied by EU officials are also immune – they are ‘out of bounds’ and cannot be searched by the police.

The lifetime immunity enjoyed by EU employees means that they cannot be prosecuted whatever they have done – even if they have clearly broken the law.

However you look at it the EU is a truly fascist organisation; run for those who are in power, rather than the electors who pay the bills.

And it follows, of course, that since the EU is a fascist organisation then anyone who supports it must also be a fascist.

Copyright Vernon Coleman

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