"Every Year Doctors Kill More Brits Than Terrorists Ever Have."

How Your Doctor Could Be Putting Your Life In Danger - And How You Can Protect Yourself.

12 Medical Truths That Could Save Your Life.

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I have an amazing piece of information for you that is truly frightening and is one hundred per cent true:

The death rate goes down when doctors go on strike.

Hard to believe I know, but it really is true. Research has shown again and again that the number of people dying goes down when doctors go on strike.

In fact, far more people die as a result of what doctors do than die in road traffic accidents.

To find out ‘why’, then read on...

Is your doctor trustworthy and honourable?
We all want to trust our doctor. We want to believe that if we fall ill there will be someone honest, honourable and caring to whom we can turn.

But even honest and honourable doctors who care about their work and their patients can still make people ill and can still kill.

Many of the problems caused by doctors are a result of prescription drug consumption. When your doctor writes out a prescription, he or she has to rely upon the honesty and integrity of the drug company making the product he or she is prescribing. And since most drug companies do not operate in an honest way, that is a fundamental error of trust which can lead to many problems. You suffer from your doctor’s trust in the drug company.

Coleman’s 1st Law Of Medicine
If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.

The bottom line is that however good your doctor is - and however much you may trust him or her - you must share the responsibility for your own health and you must know when to tell your doctor if you think that the treatment which he or she is providing you could be causing problems.

The Twelve Laws Which Could Save Your Life
Vernon Coleman has built his latest bumper 235-page book Coleman’s Laws around twelve basic laws of medicine. These are laws which he has, over the years, formulated for his own benefit, as a doctor, an author, a concerned relative and a patient. Vernon Coleman has illustrated the twelve laws with clinical anecdotes and scientific data. His twelve laws are designed to help you make sure that you get the best out of your doctor (and every other doctor who treats you) and to minimise your chances of being made ill by a doctor.

"May I thank you for all the helpful advice in your books. Without exaggeration I am convinced they have saved my life - I found your advice invaluable."
J.M., Dewsbury

In Coleman’s Laws you will discover:

* The shocking truth about what the Government and the medical profession have announced about old people - Page 215
* The gruesome side effects which the flu vaccine can cause - Page 189
* The prescription drug that is more addictive than heroin - Page 89
* Why you should be extremely wary if your doctor hands you a packet of pills - Page 81
* The important questions you should ask before having surgery - Page 40
* What you should do if you develop side effects caused by a prescription drug - Page 32
* The truth about the medication that is given to newborn babies - Page 29
* Why you should be wary of taking a prescription drug if you are over 65 - Page 29
* The frightening truth about statins - Page 22

‘Reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medications kill far more people annually than all illegal drug use combined.’

* What you should do when taking a new drug - this could save your life - Page 19
* Which is best, an old treatment or a new treatment? - Page 17
* Why search engines pose a major threat to patients everywhere - Page 59
* What is more likely to happen to pregnant women in private beds in NHS hospitals - Page 57
* Mammograms - the danger - Page 45
* What a study has showed about patients who have had heart attacks - Page 98
* A list of 10 diseases for which drugs are over-prescribed - Page 77
* The truth about Tamoxifen - Page 28
* What every parent, grandparent, auntie or uncle should know about childhood vaccinations - Page 177

"If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is vaccination. I would move out of the state if I had to. I would change the family name. I would disappear with my family".
A former American vaccine researcher (quoted in Coleman’s Laws)

Vaccines can cause brain damage and they can kill. The evidence shows that some vaccines kill and injure far more people than the diseases the vaccines are given to protect against.

* What you should ask your doctor if he/she wants you to have tests done - Page 36
* Why breast cancer is rocketing - Page 167
* Ways in which foods companies defraud us - Page 163
* Which country you should avoid eating imported food from - Page 144
* Radiotherapy - what you should know - Page 133
* The truth about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - Page 128
* The AIDS scandal - Page 117
* The truth as to why Governments want drugs to be available over the counter - Page 19
* The shocking truth about surgery for heart disease - Page 115
* Invaluable tips that will help make things easier for you if anyone in your family needs looking after at home - Page 108
* The tricks drug companies use to get the results they want - Page 26
And Much, Much More

A Food That Can Kill
"There is a single food that causes most illness (and which causes as many deaths and as much illness as tobacco). It is a food which has been proven time and time again to cause cancer of the breast, cancer of the prostate, cancer of the bowel, many other types of cancer and numerous other disorders including asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is a food which most people eat at least once every day. And it is a food which governments know is potentially lethal." - Page 166

‘The drug industry does not exist to find or make cures or treatments for people. It does not exist to help people. It does not exist to save lives. It exists solely to make money.’
Vernon Coleman

In Britain, the death rate of working men over fifty years of age was higher in the 1970s than it was in the 1930s.

Who Do You Trust
To look after your health properly - and to reduce your chances of needing a doctor - you need access to information which you know you can trust.
But that’s not easy.
Much of the medical information in magazines or newspapers has been reprinted directly from press releases produced by drug companies, or written by journalists who know far less about health care than you do.
Even books published by mainstream publishers are suspect, with some published with the aid of advance orders from drug companies or the food industry.
It’s far more difficult than you think to find information that is totally honest and unbiased.

Unbiased Information
Vernon Coleman is a doctor on a mission to deliver his readers the truth about health issues, and to speak out and campaign against those industries that put money and power above anything else. And, unlike most health writers, Vernon Coleman does not and will not accept sponsorship from drug companies of any kind. So what you read in his health books is totally honest and unbiased information.

Over the years, Vernon Coleman has a track record which is second to none in the world of medicine. He has made hundreds of health forecasts over the years which have proved to be accurate. Some accurate forecasts have been made 20 years in advance, which means that his readers have always been one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to looking after their health.

You Have Nothing To Lose
So if you care about your health and believe in the old adage that ‘forewarned is forearmed’ then we at Publishing House would be delighted to hear from you. For only £12.99, you can receive a copy of Coleman’s Laws. Coleman's Laws is available in our webshop on this website.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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