The Evil Global Reset Billionaires Are Now Controlling Our Food

Dr Vernon Coleman

Farmers don’t yet realise it, but they have no future.

The greedy billionaires want to get rid of farms (particularly small ones) and replace the food they produce with artificial food made in their laboratories. Their long standing plan has suddenly become urgent since they do not want to waste a carefully created crisis. They are already selling laboratory grown meat as beef. There will be no label to show that the meat was grown in a laboratory. The plan is that every piece of food will be digitalised and identified and part of the ‘internet of things’.

In a few years’ time there will be no farms as we know them.

Suddenly, and belatedly, the Agenda 21 lunatics claim to have realised that nutrition has a value in health care and they want to control our diet with legislation, advice and taxes (on sugary and fatty foods).

Long standing medical tyranny is about to be extended and to become food tyranny. They are planning to introduce medically tailored meals and to extend genetically modified foods. The policy carried out with great success in India by Monsanto, for example, will mean that farmers will have to buy all their seeds from the big companies and it will be illegal to keep seeds from one year’s crop for the following year.

There will be very few different varieties of foods and this will, I think, create unnatural susceptibility to disease. Some genetically modified foods (such as tomatoes and tobacco) will be grown containing drugs.

In September 2020, big food companies and supermarkets used campaigning and lobby groups to urge the British Government to adopt tougher rules on food production. This sounds splendid, even though it is rather surprising to see large food companies asking to be controlled more tightly with tougher legislation.

The underlying aim, however, was (as it usually is in such cases) to make life impossible for smaller companies and newcomers. Large companies, whatever area they are working in, will always lobby for more legislation, more controls and bigger punishments because they know that they can afford to set up huge departments to deal with the legislative requirements whereas small companies, and newcomers, will be unable to do so. The European Union has for years created laws to suit the demands of big companies seeking to control their area of business.

And contrary to what we are led to believe, there is plenty of food on earth. The problem is that much of it is in the wrong place.

Look at what happened when the EU built its food mountains. The food was needed in Africa but the EU’s agricultural policies meant that it got stored in areas where it wasn’t needed. Tariffs on imported food, and the dumping of surpluses, together with corruption, have suppressed the development of food growing in what used to be called the ‘Third World’. There is no doubt that much of the starvation in Africa was directly caused by the EU dumping food there with the result that local farmers simply could not compete and so went bankrupt.

Every day there is more news about how our eating habits are set to change.

Bill Gates is said to have developed a genetically modified cow which produces four times as much milk as an unmodified cow. Gates has also developed a special coating that can be put onto fruit to make it last longer in storage. I very much doubt if these modifications will be subjected to long-term clinical trials to see if they are safe.

Oh, and KFC is said to have developed a laboratory which can make chicken nuggets with the aid of a 3D printer. The Agenda 21 enthusiasts want to sell us GMO beef but don’t want us to know that the stuff is fake. Gene editing has been made legal so companies can grow ‘more hardy and nutritious varieties’ of foodstuffs. In the UK, the Government has expressed its determination ‘to liberate the UK’s extraordinary bioscience sector from anti-genetic modification rules’.

Dr Frankenstein lives and is doing nicely, thank you.

Having one type of a crop or animal has always been dangerous – but that’s where we are heading. Maybe our politicians should read about the Irish potato blight and the famine which ensued.

It is true that we need to re-evaluate the way our food is produced and used. A third of global farmland has been degraded by chemicals and pesticides and between a quarter and a third of all food is thrown away.

But it’s worth remembering that there has been a surplus of food every year since 1980 – the famines which have killed hundreds of millions were caused by corruption, incompetence and poor food distribution.

The bottom line is that it is a myth that the world is short of food.

The corollary is that it is a myth that the world is overpopulated.

The problem with food is that most of the stuff is in the wrong place.

The problem with people is that most of them are in the wrong place too.

Taken from Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Endgame’ – which is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021