Exile All Remainers

Vernon Coleman

All Remainers should be sacked, excommunicated and exiled. They hate England so they can go and live in Germany where there is far more Hitler memorabilia for them to worship.

Bosses should ask prospective employees: `Do you believe in the Brexit, the whole Brexit and nothing but the Brexit?

Those who are uncertain, or who have Remainer tendencies, should not be hired.

Remainers should be aware that there are far more Brexit bosses than Remainer bosses. Remainers do not create or build. They are too subservient to the State to have the originality, integrity and determination required to build a business.

Remainers prefer cronyism, patronage, patronising do-goodism and general hypocrisy. Many of them are little more than simple-minded thugs. None of the bastards ever does any real, useful work.

Remainers hate England.

England will be stronger, richer and happier without them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2019