More Expert Support for My View about the Coronavirus

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was delighted to see an eminent Swedish epidemiologist agreeing with the arguments I put forward six weeks ago.

Professor Giesecke was the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and an advisor to the World Health Organisation’s director general. He agrees with my point that locking people up delays the development of herd immunity and agrees with my original belief that the Imperial College modelling was never worth the attention it received.

Professor Johan Giesecke said he had never seen an unpublished non-peer-reviewed paper have so much impact on government policy. He estimates that the fatality rate of this coronavirus will be similar to that of the flu – something in the region of 0.1%. He describes Covid 19 as a `mild disease’, similar to the flu.

And so, here is yet another expert agreeing that our lives are being wrecked on the sole basis of a theory from a bloke with an appalling track record. What the devil were the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor doing to allow this to happen?

And when is someone in government going to start speaking sense?

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 19th 2020

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