Facebook bans Vernon Coleman

Vernon Coleman

I have no idea what Facebook looks like. Iíve never even visited the site. But the other day I decided to drag myself a little further into the 21st century by joining Facebook.

So I filled in a few of those little boxes and waited.

And I then received a reply telling me that I could not join because of the need to protect the Facebook community.

So why, I wonder, does Facebook feel the need to protect its community from the truth? Why are Mr Zuckerberg and his chums fearful of letting a 73-year-old author onto their site?

All I do is tell the truth.

So which truths do they think may harm the Facebook community?

The truths about the coronavirus? The truths about vaccination? The truths about the food we eat? The truths about the drugs we are given?

Or is it just the truth in general which is unacceptable?

I have no idea.

Still, if you are on Facebook it will no doubt be nice for you to know that you are being protected from me.

And a variety of assorted and unacceptable truths.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 15th April 2020