Face Masks 2: The Reason They Want Us to Wear Them

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

In a previous video I summarised the scientific evidence and proved that wearing a mask is not risk free. There are very real dangers. I have no doubt that masks will kill some of the people who wear them. Indeed, there is evidence that people have already died as a result of wearing masks.

And yet, despite the very real dangers, and in the absence of any convincing evidence showing that masks are of value, a number of governments have made wearing them compulsory on public transport and in many public places. Around the world mask wearing is, or is about to become, compulsory in shops, public buildings, offices and even schools.

Are the politicians entirely stupid and reckless with the lives of their citizens? The bug has been proved to be no more dangerous than the flu bug but we are never forced to wear masks when there is a flu bug around. The WHO says that asymptomatic transmission is very rare.

Or could there be some other reason for forcing us to wear masks?

Well, I wouldn’t want to argue with you if you said that all politicians are stupid as well as crooked, they have certainly been working hard to give that impression.

But I think what is happening is beyond stupidity; there’s a reason for the introduction of laws promoting the wearing of masks. And the reason has more to do with the fact that politicians are crooks, and are being controlled and manipulated by crooks behind the scenes, than the fact that they are all stupid.

Just remember that we know our politicians to be greedy and self-serving. Remember the British MPs expenses scandal? Well-paid men and women claiming for duck houses and endless packets of biscuits. Politicians everywhere are the professional group most likely to be sent to prison for fraud, embezzlement, telling big lies or stealing.

In Britain, the country I know best, there has been a coup.

And I suspect the same thing has happened in many other countries – particularly throughout Europe. I am not convinced that it has happened in the United States where the President’s aims and objectives seem to be rather different to those of European leaders. But although this is a global problem it is nowhere as bad as it is in Britain. I am told, reliably, that a great many of the rich are planning to leave Britain as soon as they can. We will be told they are leaving because of the weather or the raised taxes – but they aren’t. They are going to emigrate because they can see that the British are being turned into puppets, slaves. Comrade Boris and the rest of his ragbag Government can do whatever they like with the country. There is no effective opposition. The Emergency Bill which was passed days after the bug was officially downgraded to flu status has given Comrade Boris and his advisors the power to do whatever they like. Note the word advisors. It is important.

The coup didn’t involve soldiers marching to Westminster or to Buckingham Palace but it was a coup and it did involve soldiers suppressing the people by deliberately taking down internet posts that were considered unacceptable.

You may think this sounds rather paranoid and three months ago I would have thought it was too.

But, as they keep telling us, nothing is the same, everything has changed forever. The only constancy, the only certainty, is that governments around the world, and particularly in Britain, have consistently and deliberately misled the voters.

In future videos I intend to investigate what I think is behind everything that has happened. I fear it may all be worse than most people had imagined. I aim to try to unravel the complexities of a new world – where power and money are the only two driving forces.

Once again, I think there has been a coup.

Our country has been taken over without our consent, against our will. We are not alone. The same thing has happened elsewhere.

Saying this will, I know, immediately label me a subversive; a conspiracy theorist.

But the real irony is that it is the people who have taken over our world who are the conspiracy theorists.

As I explained in a previous video a conspiracy theorist is someone who believes in something that the majority do not believe in.

And since the majority in Britain no longer believe that our lives are being threatened by a deadly, plague-like bug, Boris Johnson’s government and its advisors are the conspiracy theorists as, indeed, are those in the main stream media who support them – and who have been bought for a few quids worth of advertising.

Many are now too afraid to say that they no longer believe in the potency of the bug. But the word is spreading fast and I believe that those of us who no longer believe the Government are now in the majority. For weeks, the Government has taken advantage of the fact that the country has been divided into two; they have used the age-old trick of `divide and conquer’. But I feel that they are losing that battle.

I don’t believe the takeover of our world was fortuitous or serendipitous and nor do I believe it was opportunism.

And so, as Sherlock Holmes might have said, when you have excluded all the possibles the only thing left is the impossible.

The whole thing was planned.

And it has, I suspect, been planned for a long time – for years.

Bit by bit our freedom and our privacy have been taken away. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, our rights have disappeared and the State has grown larger and ever more intrusive. I will deal with what I really think is happening in future videos, which I will intersperse with videos on other topics because it is going to take some time to unearth the truth and to find what is really going on.

But today I want to stick with why they want us to wear masks when there doesn’t seem to be any need to wear them, when there is no medical evidence that they do any good but there is very real evidence that they can do harm.

The death rate from the bug has fallen considerably in recent weeks; most of the really vulnerable people have already died. The authorities have successfully cleaned out care homes and exterminated a good chunk of the population receiving pensions. I wonder how much that has saved the Treasury?

Moreover, the lockdown is now killing so many people that even if the number dying from the bug were to double in the next month the total would still not come anywhere near to the total who die every year from the flu, when you add on the number who have died because of the lockdown.

Mental illnesses, anxiety and depression, will be the new pandemics. The Government admits that the number dying from the ordinary flu has fallen, what a surprise that is, but they cannot tell us how many have committed suicide since we were all put under house arrest.

They can, on the other hand, tell us precisely how many people died of their plague in Birmingham last Wednesday afternoon. And they are controlling the figures so precisely that they can probably tell us precisely how many people are going to die in Birmingham next Wednesday afternoon.

If there is a second wave of infections then we can be damned sure it will be deliberate. Bugs of this kind usually become weaker with time and far less virulent in warm weather.

Over recent years we have seen our privacy and our freedom gradually disappearing. Our rights have all but disappeared as the State has taken over responsibility for everything we do. We have seen the truth suppressed and we have seen those who dare to speak out demonised, monstered and silenced. We have seen the introduction of smart meters for electricity, so that they can cut off our energy supplies whenever they want to. The elderly have been steadily attacked and blamed for everything wrong with our society. Since I predicted that it would happen many weeks ago it was no surprise at all to me that elderly folk are being found alone and dead in their homes. Some of them will have starved to death. We have seen the banks and the politicians pushing hard for a cashless society. Our broadcasters, particularly the BBC, produce an unending mixed diet of garbage and lies. The BBC produces dumbed down programmes and propaganda. Children have been brainwashed in schools, our history has altered to fit the requirements of the politically correct. The news we see on mainstream television has been dumbed down and controlled. Our hospitals have been closed, in whole or in part, for no reason other than to keep us afraid. And as I have shown in previous videos we have been brainwashed by experts with their slogans and trickery. All the things we used to enjoy, and look forward to, have been taken from us. We are told that sporting events, for example, may never again be possible with spectators. Theatres and cinemas will probably never reopen. Air travel has become extraordinarily complicated and will, no doubt, become prohibitively expensive. The closure of public loos means that town centres will die. We are told that churches are being closed and bishops are being sacked. We are being turned into a nation of drudges; broken and nervous and filled with uncertainties.

And that takes us back to the masks.

Why are we being told that we must wear masks – which will be especially uncomfortable in the hot weather?

Well, it is partly to weaken us. Wearing masks for extended periods will make us sick and will probably make us more vulnerable to illness. Wearing masks can damage the immune system. Fear and stress also weaken the immune system.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that is fake news, by the way. It may be inconvenient to the Government and their lackeys. But it is not fake.

In my first video about masks I quoted the medical evidence proving that it is anything but fake news. The transcript of that video will, as usual, also be on my website.

It is partly to dehumanise us.

The process of dehumanisation has been slowly developing for some time. Our identities, our individuality, have been attacked in many different ways. Masks help to oppress us. They take away our personality and turn us all into faceless creatures; they keep us unsettled and they isolate us from one another. It is difficult to have a conversation when wearing a mask. There are no smiles to see. Good news is less exhilarating when delivered by someone wearing a mask. And bad news is far more painful when delivered by someone wearing a mask. There can be no sense of a real connection between two people both wearing masks. Hospitals, GP surgeries and dental surgeries will all be more frightening. Workplaces and public transport will be more depressing. Masks will create a whole range of psychological problems.

So does the Government really want us depressed and anxious?

Yes, they do. Because they are breaking us down. It is the next part of the brainwashing process which I have already described in detail in a previous video. Please watch it if you haven’t already done so.

They want to keep us terrified.

Masks are scary in themselves. Robbers and bandits wear masks.

But there is more to it than that.

The idea is to keep us aware of the danger that is alleged to be around us and to increase our sense of fear and our obedience.

By forcing us to wear masks they are making us more afraid, and so they can control us more effectively.

I don’t believe we are being told to wear masks so that we will be safer.

But I do believe we are being told to wear masks to keep us weaker and more afraid.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 9th 2020

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