Vernon’s Factchecker No 2: For those who care about the truth

Dr Vernon Coleman

You’ve been waiting for the world’s first independent, scientifically based factchecker.

Here it is.

There are thousands of factcheckers already in existence on the internet. But many of them have links with organisations which have a financial interest in the sale of products such as drugs and vaccines.

The BBC claims to provide a fact checking service but has financial links with vaccine promoter Bill Gates and therefore cannot be taken seriously as a source of information – let alone as a factchecker.

Fact check 1: Yahoo News 18.9.21 reports that it is a false and outlandish claim that vaccines have caused thousands of deaths.
The truth is that figures published by governments show that the covid-19 jabs have killed thousands of people. For evidence see article entitled `UPDATED: How many people are the vaccines killing’ on this website.

Fact check 2: Public Health England, in September 2021, claims that there were a `very high level of excess deaths in 2020’.
This is not true. If England’s official mortality figures for the last 30 years are studied it is clear that the death total for 2020 was merely `average’. When one considers that the population has been rising rapidly in recent years the death total was less than average.

Fact check 3: In September 2021 a BBC headline reported: `Vaccines: low trust in vaccination `a global crisis’.
The BBC report was based partly on a Wellcome Trust analysis. There was no mention of the historical link between the Wellcome Trust and Glaxo Smith Kline – one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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