Facts about Covid-19

Dr Vernon Coleman

Here are ten rock-solid, certain facts about covid-19 and the fake pandemic which cannot be denied. Anyone who denies or disputes these facts is a liar or a fool. Fact checkers who dispute these facts are lying.

1. Covid-19 was never more deadly than the ordinary annual flu.
2. The PCR test for covid doesnít work and was never reliable.
3. Useful treatments for covid were suppressed and dangerous ones were promoted.
4. The lockdowns were responsible for far more deaths than covid-19 and have destroyed the lives of thousands of children.
5. There were no more deaths in 2020 than average. There was no pandemic.
6. The authorities lied about the number of covid-19 deaths.
7. Face masks were never of any use. They were (and are) dangerous in many ways. And will increase the risk of cancer deaths.
8. Social distancing was artificial and useless.
9. The covid-19 jabs do not do what the authorities said they would do.
10. It was known before they were given that the covid-19 jabs would kill or damage millions who were jabbed. Doctors who didnít know the dangers should lose their licences to practise and be sent to prison for manslaughter. Doctors who did know the dangers but gave the jabs anyway should be tried for murder.

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Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023