Why Is the BBC Peddling Fake News? (The Extended Version)

Vernon Coleman (a former BBC TV presenter)

Here are two recent headlines from the BBC website:

`We have a pandemic of black people dying every day’.


`Raheem Sterling: The only disease right now is racism’.

These are obviously absurd and seem designed to stir up discontent.

Of course there are black people dying every day. There are white people dying every day too. It is a sad, inescapable fact of life that in the end we all die.

But the headline from the BBC seems to suggest that black people are the only ones dying. Are they suggesting that white people have found the secret of eternal life but are hiding the secret from black people?

The second headline `The only disease right now is racism’ is obviously nonsensical but it’s worse than that – it is insulting to millions of people who are struggling with real, physical disease which threatens their very existence.

The BBC is quick enough to condemn people for what it calls fake news but I doubt if there is any organisation more guilty of misleading its audience than the BBC.

Here’s a headline from the BBC website: Coronavirus: UK Exceeds 200,000 Testing Capacity Target

That sounds impressive does it not?

Go down to the sixth paragraph and the BBC admitted that only 115,000 tests had actually been carried out.

The BBC is, always, bending the way it presents the news to suit the requirements of the establishment.

In another item on their website, the BBC printed a drawing of a man walking through a tube train and leaving footprints behind him. The suggestion was that it is possible to spread the coronavirus on your shoes.

This is absurd fake news.

Is the BBC seriously suggesting that we wear disposable galoshes as well as gloves and masks?

The BBC seems to delight in fact checking stories (though sometimes rather comically I’m afraid) so maybe they’d like to check this story.

The BBC is always appalling as a source of news but it has excelled itself during this bizarre, manufactured crisis.

You might have thought that the BBC would have invited one of the many doctors questioning the whole coronavirus hoax onto a radio or television programme to discuss things.

But as far as I am aware they haven’t done so.

Maybe they thought it might upset the government.

And with a review of the BBC licence fee they wouldn’t want to do that, would they?

The truth is, of course, that none of this is new. The BBC has a terrible record when it comes to reporting things honestly and fairly.

It is, I think, now widely recognised that BBC journalists seem to have lost the ability to differentiate between `news’ and `comment’. One independent think tank commented that `the BBC pays lip service to impartiality but acts more like a political party with a policy manifesto.’

A survey of just under 40,000 people showed that 85% of Britons no longer trust BBC News to give unbiased political coverage and it isn’t difficult to see why. Celebrities commonly speak out in support of the BBC and endorse its line on most things but it is difficult not to suspect that this is sometimes because they fear that if they don’t then they will be ostracised and will no longer be offered well paid acting or presenting jobs.

Despite the celebrity endorsement, nearly ten million Britons cancelled their TV licences in recent years.

Many of them were disgusted by the fact that the BBC has been bought by the European Union. In one recent five year period the BBC accepted 258 million euros from the EU. Over the recent years the BBC has accepted huge quantities of EU money. I won’t accept £5 from an advertiser or a sponsor or the EU because my independence is important to me. But the BBC has sold its integrity.

Inevitably, therefore, it is no surprise that the BBC is clearly biased in favour of the European Union. The BBC has for years been consistently pro-EU and before the Referendum it was clear that the Corporation regarded the very idea of leaving the EU as sacrilegious. Even though the Corporation is funded by a compulsory licence fee taken from a largely unwilling and often rather resentful electorate, the BBC has deliberately favoured the minority point of view in support of the EU.

In the months after the nation decided it no longer wanted to be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats living and working in Belgium, the BBC did everything it could to demonise Brexit and Brexiteers. On the relatively rare occasions when Brexit supporters were allowed into a studio, they were invariably labelled `right wing’ and treated as though they were in some way criminal. On the other hand, when Remainers were interviewed they were treated with great respect and introduced as though they were independent commentators.

It became quite well known that when the BBC arranged a programme with an audience then the audience would be packed with Remainers.

Every piece of bad news was (sometimes laughably) blamed on Brexit and every piece of good news was accompanied by the phrase `despite Brexit’.

Studies of the BBC have shown an overwhelming bias against Brexit.

But this partisan approach to the news is not confined to Brexit and the European Union.

The BBC charter demands that the BBC is impartial and reflects all strands of public opinion. In return for this impartiality, the BBC is entitled to an annual licence fee (currently around £150). But the BBC is not impartial. On the contrary, it is a corrupt and traitorous organisation which has betrayed Britain and the British. I believe the BBC is in breach of its own Charter and no longer entitled to the annual licence fee. Far from being expected to continue paying money to the BBC, citizens of Britain are entitled to receive refunds for the money they have handed over in the past.

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, the BBC reported the event with sneery comments on his opinions, his political views and his personality. And when the BBC reported his policies on immigration they did so as though they were eccentric and extreme although every poll showed that a majority of Americans and a majority of Europeans agreed with Trump’s policies. Whenever Trump is mentioned the disdain is almost palpable.

However, whenever the EU supporting Obama is mentioned, the BBC drools with affection – never mentioning the former President’s crafty deceits and the broken promises.

Moreover, the BBC appears to have a deep contempt for populism; a movement which has become global and which worries the political establishment so much that they dismiss it in the same sort of tone which you might expect them to use for fascism or communism. Here again, the BBC’s attitude is irrational for populism is defined as a movement that champions `the common person’ in preference to the interests of the establishment. Populism invariably combines people on both the left and the right and is invariably hostile to large banks, large multinational corporations and extremists of all kinds. You might think that an organisation which is paid for by the populace at large might have at least a little sympathy with their interests, needs and anxieties. But, no, the BBC has firmly allied itself with the ruling classes and the Europhilic establishment and has no time for licence fee payers who are concerned about mass immigration, overcrowding, relentless globalisation and absurdly ill-based `green’ policies which result in new laws which have pushed up energy prices so dramatically that millions of hard working people to have to choose between eating and keeping warm.

Most people now recognise that the BBC represents a minority viewpoint and gives absurd amounts of airtime and respect to the high priests and priestesses of political correctness. This may be because, as one senior BBC figure has pointed out, the BBC has `an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people’ on its staff.

The BBC is not a broadcaster it is a narrowcaster; a propaganda unit for the elite.

Not surprisingly, the viewing figures for many BBC shows have sunk dramatically and in the last couple of decades the viewing figures for the BBC’s news programmes have shown a decline that would have startled any broadcaster which did not have the State’s authority to collect money from millions of unwilling citizens.

The position is now so bad that if the BBC loses its licence fee then it will die because it will be unable to find enough viewers prepared to subscribe to its services. If the BBC retains its anachronistic right to demand licence fees then the annual charge must rocket to counterbalance the fall in the number of people prepared to pay the fee.

If you listen to or watch any BBC programmes do so with scepticism in your heart and mind.

Today’s BBC is Biased, Bought and Corrupt.

Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda in the Third Reich, would have been proud of the BBC.

The BBC now peddles fake news because it’s the only thing the appalling staff know how to do.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020

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