Propaganda and Fake Science

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The evidence supporting the climate change myth is as reliable as the evidence used by gay lobbyists to promote the AIDS myth. (Remember: the experts, including the BMA, warned that AIDS was going to affect us all and that we were doomed. They were, of course, talking bollocks.)

Both myths are based on propaganda and fake science.

The only difference is that the climate change nonsense is also being promoted by silly little children.

Still, looking on the bright side the nonsense has given us a massive investment opportunity.

Big oil companies, which pay decent dividends, are ridiculously cheap because investment companies don’t dare buy the shares.

But anyone who thinks we aren’t going to need oil for decades to come is living on another planet.

Incidentally, aviation only produces as much carbon dioxide as the world’s computer data storage centres. All those banks of servers burn up vast amounts of electricity.

So if the environmental nutters really want to save the planet they should throw away their laptops and mobile phones and close down their social media accounts. If they stopped tweeting and facebooking and instagramming about themselves they’d be able to stop screeching.

Fat chance.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2019

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