Watch `Fall of the Cabal Part 27’

Dr Vernon Coleman

Whatever else you do in the next couple of weeks make sure that you watch `Fall of the Cabal Part 27: The World Economic Forum – The End of Homo Sapiens’

It is a brilliant and chilling summary of what the sick, ugly and arrogant bastards at the WEF have planned for us.

The WEF makes the Khmer Rouge look like your local PTA.

The only saving grace is that the twits who join the WEF are stupid and humourless. And their boss looks and sounds like someone out of a cheap World War II movie. He just needs a monocle and a well-planned scar.

If we let this collection of second rate, dim morons take over our world then we deserve everything we get.

Watch the movie or I’ll send a flock of cabbage white butterflies round to lay eggs on all your brassicas.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023