Fantastic News: Japan Threatens to Leave UK

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

More good news about Brexit!

The Japanese are threatening to take their companies out of Britain if our version of Brexit does not meet their approval.

This is fantastic.

Goodbye Japanese companies!

Go away.

We donít want your companies or your shoddy Japanese crap.

Without Japanese companies cluttering up the countryside, Britain can concentrate on making good quality products.


P.S. More good news from Corbyn et al. It seems that some Labour MPs are threatening to do what they can to stop any soft Brexit deal. This is also fantastic news because it means Parliament will be forced to accept a hard Brexit Ė no deals at all. The people of Britain want a really hard Brexit. So three cheers for the Labour Loonies who are promising to give us one and who are too thick to realise the full consequences of their threat.

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