Relax By Creating Your All Own Time Favourite Ever Week

Dr Vernon Coleman

Do you feel tired, weary or fed up? Do you feel that life is getting you down?

Find yourself a notebook and a pencil - and a quiet spot.

Then think back and decide which are the seven happiest days you've ever spent - the seven happiest days of your life.

Go right back to your childhood.

Think of the days which have made you feel really good: a holiday, a day out, a special birthday, a Christmas celebration, an exam success, meeting someone you love, a wedding day, moving into a new home, a reunion, the birth of a child.

The more you think the more really good days you'll remember.

Make a list of your favourite seven - that's now your new all time favourite week.

When you think of the good days from your past try to relive them.

Try to experience once again the sounds and smells of each of your seven favourite days. Close your eyes and try to see those days: the weather, the people, the buildings, everything.

Concentrate hard until you begin to feel as good as you did on those very special days in your life.

Try to remember the way that you felt: the joy, the warmth, the happiness.

The really strange thing about this exercise is that the best memories from your past can make the present seem much better too.

Try thinking through your favourite week first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Do it again when you're feeling glum or downcast - or when things seem to be going badly wrong.

You'll be astonished to see just how these uplifting memories can improve life for you.

And always remember that however bad today may seem to be there is always a chance that tomorrow may win a place in your all time favourite week!

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Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2007