Fighting the Campaign against Cash

Dr Vernon Coleman

The deliberate campaign to get rid of cash is making life increasingly difficult. In some towns it is now nigh on impossible to park there unless you have a special app on your phone. The damned machines wonít take cash at all and I donít have the faintest idea how to find an app or, indeed, how to recognise one if I see one. Worse still, councils are threatening that cars which havenít been properly registered with the app will be clamped or towed away. Over three million motorists have already been fined because although they had cash, and were willing to pay a car park charge, they could not pay because they didnít have the correct app on their phone. My current phone was bought in the 1990s and wouldnít know an app if it trod on one. My advice is to boycott towns which have these damned apps in their car parks. Call for a boycott on your social media accounts. And write to the local Mayor or Chief Executive and explain why youíre boycotting their town.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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