Brexit: The Final Solution

Vernon Coleman

The British people voted, by a substantial majority (if the Remainers had won by a similar majority they would have called their win a landslide), to leave the EU and take back their national sovereignty. They were betrayed by the party system. The Liberals and Greens seem proud to despise the working man and woman, the couple on top of the Clapham Omnibus. The Labour Party and the Conservative Party are both run by politicians who have no interest in the electors.

Selfish Remainers, who control the Establishment, have divided the country for generations to come and they have destroyed Britain – a country which they appear to hate. We will, thanks to their efforts, be in a worse state than ever before. The Remainers preferred to destroy their own country rather than allow the Leavers to win. Remainer May’s sell-out to the EU will make us slaves. Her destruction of the Tory party will result in our having a Communist Government.

Philip Hammond, who is paid by us to do what we tell him to do, says that allowing the Leavers to have `victory’ in the negotiations with the EU would be `disastrous’. How odd. I thought we had won. For Hammond to say this is like the referee, at the end of a Cup Final which has been clearly won by one side, announcing that it would be unfair to allow the victors to take the Cup. The Remainers (in the form of Cameron’s Government ) cheated, lied, fiddled the voting and had the BBC on their side. They spent taxpayers’ money to promote their cause. And they lost.

The irony is that the people who will lose most are the millennials and future generations. Those were the people the Brexiteers were fighting for.

The millennials, the snowflakes and today’s children will be living in a country without freedom, without democracy, without hope and without a future. If the deal which May has negotiated goes through then unemployment will rise as we are suffocated by yet more red tape from the eurocrats. Most millennials will have to work until they die. Their savings will be worthless and their pensions non-existent. Health care will continue to deteriorate. House prices will collapse but there will be little or no new building. Our educational and transport systems will continue to decline rapidly. There will be no point in voting for there will be nothing to vote for. We will be slaves of a Nazi inspired Union over which we have absolutely no control. That is the world the Remainers have given to future generations: a world of poverty, misery and drudgery. (Those who doubt might like to check out my predictions over the last half a century or so.)Thanks to the treachery of the Remainers, we will be in a worse state than we were before the Referendum. The EU will own us. And, remember, the EU hates us.

I feel a great sadness.

I am proud of my country. It is an old-fashioned thing to say, I know. But I am proud of my country’s history and culture and achievements. My country has done much to civilise and to improve the world. There have been mistakes, of course, but no one can deny that on balance my country has made the world a better place. Remainers simply don’t understand that hundreds of thousands of Britons have died to protect our sovereignty and our democracy.

Few of our so-called leaders showed any sense of pride or courage during the Brexit incompetence. The whole process was one which reeked of apology, cowardice, blind obedience, humiliation and embarrassment. Theresa May has shamed herself and us all. This Car Crash Government has shamed us all and has destroyed the Conservative Party for generations to come – possibly for ever.

`They’ were never going to let us leave, were they? `They’ always knew they could scare us off, wear us down and then just ignore us. We got above ourselves, forgot our place, and tried to improve our world. And they put us down as ruthlessly as they might squash an annoying insect.

Who are `They’? The bankers. The Goldman Sachs alumni. The EU pensioners still active in public life. The executives for foreign owned companies. The well-heeled Liberal Luvvies working for the BBC and worried, in their ignorance, that leaving the EU would in some strange way mean leaving Europe. (They are so dim they genuinely worry they won’t be able to go skiing, buy 200 types of French cheese or drive around in Mercedes motor cars if we leave the EU.) The political establishment. Traitors, fifth columnists and foreigners with hidden agendas.

The Establishment in Britain is far more dangerous than the Outfit ever managed to be. These people represent 0.01% of the population but receive 99.99% of BBC airtime and support from most of the rest of the media.

It would be nice to think that those of us who fought for Brexit could fight again with Brexit Mark II. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. But that isn’t going to be allowed to happen. Anyone who puts their head above the parapet will have it shot away very quickly. And Brexiteers, though angry, won’t be rioting. We are far too civilised to behave like Remainers.

In the short term, our only hope is that we will leave the EU without a deal being made. This will cause the EU great pain. But, despite the lies of the Government, it will cause us no pain.

But in the long term there is, I believe, only one chance. We have been betrayed by a Party system which ensures that the sycophants, the greedy, the hypocrites and the crooked will all rise to the top. Look at our political leaders for the last few decades and you will see that I am right.

Some years ago I wrote a book called Bloodless Revolution in which I explained how the Party system could be defeated – very easily and without bloodshed.

I still believe in the premise I put forward that book which is now available as an ebook on Amazon at the lowest price allowed – 99p in the UK and 99c in the US.

I can think of no other permanent solution than for us to follow the suggestions I made in that book.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 23rd November 2018