Final Word on The Climate Change Myth

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was an advocate of the climate change theory back in the 1980s and 1990s. It was not a popular stance then and I regret to say that I helped to spread the word about global warming long before it became fashionable.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s I was, of course, widely vilified for my views – probably by the same people who are now enthusiastic `believers’.

But even in the 1980s, the idea of climate change wasn’t new.

Climate change was first written about by a Swede called Svante Arrhenius in 1896. He predicted that fossil fuel emissions might delay the onset of another ice age. (I bet not many of today’s enthusiasts know that.)

Today, of course, everyone with ambition is an enthusiastic supporter of climate change (aka global warming and, paradoxically, global cooling). When they write of these things they usually give them initial capital letters because that makes them Seem More Important.

But I have, as they say, seen the light.

I was wrong about global warming. Having looked at the evidence for nearly four decades, I am convinced that it’s a myth – currently being promoted by a few people with vested interests and a lot of celebrities.

Despite all the hot air, the evidence supporting the climate change argument is thinner and weaker than a wet tissue.

The global temperature (as measured by satellite) really hasn’t risen, though climate change propagandists have tried to `adjust’ the figures to show that it has. In the old days that used to be called ‘cheating’ or ‘fiddling the results. I suspect that even more lies have been told about climate change than were told about AIDS. (We were, of course, warned by reputable authorities that by the year 2000 we would all be dying of AIDS. I was vilified for saying they were wrong. I’ve been vilified a lot. It’s a speciality of mine.) The computer modelled predictions which are regularly used to frighten us all have been shown to be plain, old fashioned wrong.

Polar bear populations recently reached a 50 year high and the amount of ice in Antarctica is growing. These are facts which don’t fit the hoax being perpetrated by the climate change conspiracy theorists but they are facts nevertheless.

There is actually tons of evidence around showing that the climate change nonsense is just that – nonsense. Unfortunately, most of the media is as bent on this subject as it is about vaccination and many other important issues.

The plain unvarnished truth is that there is as much evidence to show that climate change is the cause of baldness in men or vacuity on television reality programmes as there is to show that it is the cause of storms, tempests and flooding.

In Britain, the climate change fanatics blame flooding on climate change and regard the fact that the nation has for decades been building approximately 10% of its new houses on flood plains as a simply inconvenient truth. They also regard the fact that councils have failed to unblock drains or dredge rivers as irrelevant and unsuitable for their purposes.

Despite the absence of any convincing scientific evidence supporting the whole damned idea, the climate change nonsense is widely supported. The British Government’s Department of Energy has even changed its name to the Department of Energy and Climate Change and has its new name expensively installed outside the front door.

The leading advocates of climate change include the adorably potty and naïve meat eating Prince Charles, who has apparently forecast that the world will be doomed by 2017 and is, presumably, even now planning to take down Highgrove, his country home, and move it, stone by stone, to a pleasant shore side spot on the lunar Sea of Tranquillity; a plethora of fading pop singers, a dressmaker, Bono (of course), the Pope, the Governor of the Bank of England and what seems like the entire editorial staff of the BBC, who seem happy to give airtime to any minor celebrity or pseudo-scientist who is prepared to enthuse about the dangers of climate change.

I recently saw an article by one self-styled scientist, well known for his pungent and seemingly authoritative articles on the science of climate change, who had branched into writing about medicine. With no indication that he realised how stupid he sounded, he described how a famous individual’s gall stone had migrated via his kidney to his bladder. A miracle indeed. This is the quality of ‘science’ knowledge among the climate change crowd.

The Climate Change Myth has replaced the AIDS Myth as the world’s most profitable scare story for scientists looking for a career designed to make them rich and famous.

There are, of course, many sound commercial reasons for the `selling’ of the climate change nonsense.

I have dealt with those elsewhere on this website and articles you might like to read on include `Why the Green’s Energy Policies Will Kill Us all’, `Blame the Greens When the Electricity Runs Out – Here’s Why’, `Claims That the World is Getting Hotter Are Fake (Here’s Here They Do It)’, `The Peak Oil Problem Hasn’t Gone Away’, `The Climate Change Myth Debunked’ and `Global Warming – More Food for Thought’.

I realise that none of this will change the Establishment view of climate change. Celebrities will continue to promote electric cars, windmills and biofuels – apparently ignorant of the fact that all these things are bad for the planet and for people. And it will doubtless simply bring me more abuse. But someone has to tell the truth about these things.

And I would remind you that I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to oppose the popular view on climate change. Indeed, if I were sensible, I would join the crowd, promote the usual line about climate change and win grants, plaudits and honours galore.

So, maybe I’m madder than my critics say I am.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018

The above article was based on material taken from `The Return of the Disgruntled Man’ by Vernon Coleman – his fourth diary. Vernon Coleman’s latest diary, the sixth, is called `The Game’s Afoot’.