Five Jobs With No Future

Vernon Coleman

The world is changing fast. Here are five jobs that have little or no future:

1. GPs: Doctors in general practice will be replaced by Internet Physicians who will advise and provide prescriptions online. GPs have destroyed their profession by refusing to work outside office hours. Internet Physicians can, and will, provide a 24 hour service 365 days a year. Some doctors may be required for face to face consultations but generally computer programs will provide the advice and the prescriptions.
2. Accountants: As tax collecting authorities demand that taxpayers submit their returns online so accounting software will become ubiquitous.
3. Publishers: No author needs a publisher today. All the traditional services provided by publishers are available online. More and more bestselling authors are discovering the advantages of self-publishing.
4. Solicitors: Good legal advice will soon be available online – from programs which don’t make mistakes – or charge £600 an hour.
5. Restaurateurs: As travel becomes more difficult so more people will eat at home and have their food delivered. The food will be prepared in warehouses or storage containers. Similarly, pubs will continue to die off rapidly.

So what jobs are safe?

There will be a need for plumbers, electricians, gardeners and food delivery operatives for a long time. But food will be delivered by bicycle so operatives will need to be fit.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019