Fluoride in Drinking Water

Dr Vernon Coleman

Not content with trying to inject the world’s population with an unnecessary, experimental vaccine, governments are keen to add more fluoride to more drinking water supplies. This is a problem that many have been aware of for some time.

There is no justification for adding fluoride to drinking water – though the UK Government apparently wants to do so.

And there are a good many reasons not to do so. I wrote about fluoride in drinking water in 1994 in my book, Food for Thought (now retitled, Meat Causes Cancer and More Food for Thought).

Here is an extract from that book:

`The fourth reason modern drinking water supplies might be hazardous to your health involves the deliberate adding of chemicals to water in order to keep us ‘healthy’. The substance most commonly added to drinking water supplies is fluoride. This is done in the hope that it will help reduce the incidence of tooth decay. The link between fluoride and tooth decay was first established at the end of the nineteenth century and there is little doubt that fluoride does help to protect the teeth by making tooth enamel — the hard outside covering of teeth — tougher and more decay resistant. When tests done on large numbers of people showed that tooth decay is slower in those parts of the country where drinking water supplies naturally contain fluoride, some scientists and politicians suggested that putting fluoride into the drinking water supplies might improve the dental health of the general population. The fluoridation of water supplies began in America in 1945 and today the move towards fluoridation is spreading all over the world. Politicians are enthusiastic about using fluoride in this way be¬cause the end result is, of course, to cut health costs.

However, those who oppose fluoridation are able to put forward several arguments in their favour.

First, you do not, of course, have to add fluoride to drinking water in order to protect teeth. You can get exactly the same effect by persuading people to use fluoride toothpaste. And since many toothpastes now do contain fluoride, most people already get all the fluoride they need simply by brushing their teeth.

Second, there is no doubt that putting fluoride into drinking water supplies is a potentially dangerous business. The amount of fluoride that you can put into drinking water has to be judged very accurately. To get the best effect from the fluoride you need to add around one part per million. However, if you get the sums wrong the consequences can be devastating. Just two parts of fluoride per million can cause mottling of the teeth and if the quantities are allowed to rise a little higher, bone disorders and cancer may be the result. Naturally, the scientists and politicians who are keen on putting fluoride into our drinking water supplies claim that the methods used are fool-proof but I think that one would have to be a fool to believe that. Many people have already been poisoned by accidental overdoses of chemicals and in 1986, the World Health Organization published a report in which concern was expressed about the incidence of dental problems caused by there being too much fluoride in public drinking water supplies. Needless to say getting unwanted, excess fluoride out of the drinking water supplies can be extremely difficult.

To all this we must add the fact that since drinking water supplies already contain a number of chemicals — some of which occur naturally in the supplies, nitrates which accumulate because of the use of fertilizers, chlorine and aluminium sulphate which are added deliberately and lead or copper from the pipes which are used to supply the water to our homes — adding fluoride to the mixture may increase the risk of a dangerous interaction between the various chemicals in the water. Whenever chemicals exist in solution together there are chemical reactions. I don’t think anyone really knows what the consequences are of putting all these chemicals into our drinking water.

The fourth anti-fluoridation argument is that a growing number of people seem to be allergic to the chemicals which are being put into our drinking water. Many people are allergic to fluoride and cannot drink fluoridated drinking water.

Finally, I am particularly worried by the fact that as the pro-fluoridation argument is won in more and more parts of the world, scientists and politicians are suggesting putting other chemicals into the drinking water supplies. One scientist has, for example, already suggested that drinking water should have antibiotics added to it (to reduce the incidence of infection and so to reduce health costs). Another has recommended that tranquillisers be added to drinking water supplies (in order to calm down the voters and allow the politicians to get on with running the world the way they want to run it). A third suggestion has been that contraceptives be added to the drinking water in order to reduce the birth rate.’

Taken from `Meat Causes Cancer and Other Food for Thought’ by Vernon Coleman. Available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 22nd 2021