The Fly Tipping Boom

Vernon Coleman

The authorities (for want of a better word) are surprised that there were nearly 1,000,000 cases of fly tipping last year.

I too am astonished.

But I am astonished that the figure is so low.

Fly tipping is a direct consequence of the absurd rubbish collecting and recycling laws foisted upon us by the European Union.

In the days when you could put your rubbish into your bin and have it collected without men in cheap suits checking to see that you’d washed out your yoghurt pots and not mixed your bits with your bobs, there were very few problems with fly tipping. Life was easier and more sensible.

Now we have complicated and stupid systems designed by pointy headed eurocrats, and everyone is miserable (except the rat catchers whose business is booming). The carefully sorted recycling rubbish ends up being carried half way round the world and either burnt or dumped into the sea.

When we finally get rid of the Traitor May and leave the EU we will be able to tear up their daft rubbish laws.

And fly tipping will once again become a rarity.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2019