Following the Science? Donít Make Me Laugh!

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Throughout the apparently unending hoax which is the covid-19 fake pandemic, governments all around the world have claimed to be following the science.

They have, of course, been lying.

There has been no science.

It is claimed that two million people have died of covid-19 in the 14 or 15 months that this scam has been running.

That is a tragedy, of course. And to put it in perspective we should always remember that 650,000 people can die in a six month flu season. And there have been very, very few cases of flu in the last year. Mysteriously, the flu appears to have disappeared and been replaced with covid-19.

But it isnít just a tragedy: itís also a monstrous lie.

Since March of 2020 it has been known that the coronavirus causes a disease no more deadly than the flu. Governments knew this but conspired with the media to keep it quiet. You can see the evidence for this on my website.

For some time now, governments everywhere have been testing with rare enthusiasm. In the UK, the Government has so far performed over 63 million tests on a population of 68 million. In the US, the Government has performed 280 million tests on a population of 332 million.

And itís the same the world over.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the tests which are being performed are finding more false positives than real positives. In other words most of the people who supposedly have covid-19, and who are perfectly well, with no symptoms, donít have anything wrong with them at all. In the UK and elsewhere, governments have deliberately arranged matters to ensure a greater number of false positives. The test can be easily manipulated to ensure that there are a greater number of false positives. Iíve explained how they do this on my website. If you or I did this we would be arrested for fraud. The Government calls it science.

The second part of this piece of trickery is to ensure that the tests are done on anyone who is particularly likely to die. Anyone seriously ill has a covid-19 test. Residents in care homes have regular covid-19 tests.



Anyone who dies within 28 or in some cases 60 days of having had a positive test is said to have died with covid-19 and is therefore listed as a covid 19 death.

The important word is `withí but itís usually forgotten when reports are written. Journalists and broadcasters simply replace the word `withí with the word `ofí.

This is at the same time both a crude and a sophisticated fraud.

Itís crude because itís very simple.

But itís sophisticated because it is, with the aid of the almost entirely corrupt mainstream media, presented in a way which has convinced millions that they are in very real danger and that the deadly lockdowns, the absurd, pointless and harmful social distancing and the dangerous masks are all necessary.

This testing trickery has also been used to convince millions that the vaccine will provide them with a way back to normal.

It wonít, of course.

Unless we stand up and fight these lies we will never go back to normal.

Even when millions have been vaccinated they will tell us that the social distancing, the masks and the lockdowns must continue. The science doesnít support any of these things. If there were any science then the rules would be the same everywhere in the world.

The problem is, you see, that even the World Health Organisation admits that the vaccine doesnít actually stop people catching the virus or spreading it to others. All the vaccine does is reduce the symptoms.

The WHO says it doesnít `believe we have the evidence on any of the vaccines to be confident that itís going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on.í

I wonder how many of the people queuing up to be vaccinated realise that?

And no one knows how long the vaccination will last because the whole vaccination programme is an experiment.

No one knows whether the vaccine is safe for the elderly. No one knows whether the vaccine will interfere with essential drug therapy. There is no evidence that the vaccine is safe for women who are breast feeding. But itís being given to them anyway.

In the UK the Government has decided that if your doctor gives you a first vaccine dose made by one manufacturer but doesnít have a supply of the vaccine to give you a second dose from the same manufacturer then they can give you a vaccine made by a different manufacturer as your second dose. Thatís what the UK government calls following the science. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US noted that the covid-19 vaccines are not interchangeable and that `the safety and efficacy of a mixed product series have not been evaluated.í

The drug companies say that when two vaccinations are required, the second should be given 21 days after the first. But in the UK, the Government has decided that the second dose can be given 12 weeks later.

There is no science. Theyíre just making it up as they go along.

And then there is a risk of something called paradoxical immune enhancement. This is very serious. People whoíve had the covid-19 vaccine may develop very high antibody levels with the result that when they are exposed to the virus they may develop a serious immune overreaction and die.

But I wonder how many people whoíve had the vaccine knew that?

So much for informed consent.

So much for science.

How many of those happily queuing up to be vaccinated know that the list of possible adverse event outcomes Ė what most people call side effects includes the following: Guillain-Barre syndrome,transverse myelitis, myelitis, encephalomyelitis, meningitis, encephalopathy, convulsions, stroke, narcolepsy,cataplexy, anaphylaxis, heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis, autoimmune disease, acute demyelinating diseases, allergy reactions, thrombocytopenia, venous thromboembolism, arthritis and death. You really donít want any of those Ė especially the last one. And I wonder how many of those being vaccinated know that the mortality rate from covid-19 is comparable to the flu. And that the average age at which people die from it is over 80.

And these side effect risks arenít just theoretical. Before Christmas a work group at the CDC in the US published a report showing that serious side effects were already running at 2.79%. If 60 million people in the UK have the vaccine we can, therefore, expect 1.67 million people to be unable to work, perform normal daily activities and to require care from a doctor or health professional. We obviously donít know what will happen in the months and years ahead. If the vaccines are rolled out around the world then the number of people being unable to work, unable to perform normal daily activities and require medical care could be 167 million. And thatís just based on very early side effect reports.

I should mention too that dozens of people have already died after being vaccinated. Governments which happily claim that anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive PCR test counts as a covid-19 death will happily deny that post-vaccine deaths are anything to do with the vaccine. If someone dies after the vaccine then itís just a coincidence. And they call that science?

And I wonder how many people know how much money is involved in the great vaccine scam? GPs in the UK are getting over £12 per jab. This whole operation is going to cost billions, and a lot of drug company people are going to become very rich. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is, I suspect, likely to get a lot richer.

So should you have the vaccine?

The fanatical pro-vaxxers, who show no respect for individual views or indeed for the science, insist that you should.

A good many celebrities Ė most of whom will know none of the stuff Iíve just told you Ė are also recommending the vaccines though just why they think theyíre qualified to do that is beyond me.

I never tell people what to do.

Iím in the business of providing information because I believe in allowing patients to make an informed choice.

But one final thought.

Anyone who has ever had an allergy reaction or an anaphylactic shock reaction after a vaccination in the past should probably be wary of the covid-19 vaccine. Remember: details of a bad reaction are probably not in your medical notes. Nine out of ten bad reactions to vaccines (and other drugs) are never officially reported or officially recorded. Itís up to you to remember and to tell anyone wanting to vaccinate you that you had a previous serious allergy reaction.

But Iíll leave you with one final, final thought. I firmly believe that by the end of 2021 more people will know of someone killed or injured by the covid vaccine than by genuine covid-19 itself.

And me?

Well, I certainly wonít be having the vaccine. Why? Well, it doesnít work and it might kill me.

And I once had an allergy reaction to a vaccine.

But thatís me.

You must make up your own mind.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021