Footballer Eriksen and that Collapse

Dr Vernon Coleman

It is good to know that Christian Eriksen, the Danish footballer who collapsed recently during a Euro 2020 football match, is apparently recovering.

And the authorities will doubtless be reassured by the news that he had apparently not received one of the covid-19 `vaccines’.

We are assured that he definitely didn’t have it – though, of course, that would have been the most obvious explanation for his collapse.

Most of the mainstream media ignored the possible `covid-19 jab’ explanation for the collapse.

Indeed, much of the mainstream media was shocked at suggestions that Eriksen’s heart trouble might have been a result of a covid-19 jab. And they certainly weren’t ready to accept that there might be a link. Indeed, those who dared to ask the very obvious question about whether the jab could have been responsible were quickly dismissed and silenced as troublemakers.

But when a young, healthy professional sportsman suddenly collapses, questions are bound to be asked. After all, professional sports players are usually given regular medicals, and it is inconceivable that an existing heart condition would not have been spotted by one of the specialists he must have seen.

And, of course, it is known that a good many footballers were given the jab.

The amazing coincidence is that the link between the covid-19 jab and heart trouble cannot be denied.

Long before Christmas 2020, I was warning that heart problems are one of the serious side effects associated with the covid-19 jabs.

Look at the article on this website entitled `UPDATED – How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?’ and you will see clear evidence of the link between the covid-19 jabs and a wide range of serious heart disorders.

Still, it’s good to be reassured that Eriksen didn’t have the covid-19 jab.

And the organisers of Euro 2020 will doubtless be praying that no more incredibly fit and healthy professional footballers suddenly collapse with unexplained, serious heart problems during their tournament.

They won’t want any more coincidences.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 12th 2021