Will it be the Footballers not the Lawyers who will save us?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

I no longer have any faith that the lawyers will be able to save us. There have been promises galore in the last 18 months but Iím not aware that there have been many victories worth cheering about.

The problems are numerous (as I explained in a recent video entitled `Nobody is coming to save usí Ė the transcript is on both www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org.

But look at what is happening with the footballers.

At the moment, professional players who play an international match are banned from training or playing matches for 10 days after returning from playing an international match in a red list country.

Just how they are supposed to keep fit and in touch is beyond me.

The clubs donít like this rule very much. And itís not difficult to see why. If youíve just paid tens of millions for a player, it isnít terribly jolly to know that if he is picked to play for his country he canít play for his club for 10 days.

I would imagine that some clubs might be reluctant to release players with this rule in place.

So, the Government has suggested lifting the ban and forcing players to quarantine in a secured private residence or hotel with 24 hour security. The players would be permitted no guests or visitors other than representatives from Public Health England. What fun. Meals would be placed outside their room door. Players would have to use individual, private transport to go to training and games.

However, there is a catch.

This only applies to players who have been double jabbed against covid-19.

Those players who are un-jabbed will still have to carry on under the old system.

And this is where the problem appears.

First, this system will identify the players who have chosen not to take the jab.

And that, of course, is a breach of confidentiality.

Second, the big problem is that in the Premier League almost two thirds of football clubs have less than half of their players fully vaccinated.

In other words, the great majority of professional footballers have sensibly chosen not to be jabbed.

Theyíve seen what has happened to other sports players.

So what happens now?

Will the Government roll over and get rid of the daft rules which affect footballers?

Or will they stick to their guns and create huge problems for players and clubs Ė and annoy millions of spectators?

Either way, attention will be drawn to the stupidity of the jabbing rules.

And, as I said in the title, I think this could result in a serious victory for the truth, the science and common sense.

And it will be a significant result obtained more speedily than anything the lawyers can offer us.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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