We Must Never Forget or Forgive

Vernon Coleman

There is much talk about everyone becoming friends again when the Brexit fiasco is over.

Several members of the royal family have called for peace and compromise.

I am not impressed.

Around 20 years ago I pointed out that I thought that the Queen had betrayed England by not standing up to politicians taking us further into the EUís clutches.

Over the years the royals have betrayed Brexiteers.

(Itís pretty daft of them since the EU plans to get rid of the royal family completely.)

I donít think we should forget or forgive the way the Remainers have opposed the will of the country. Nor must we forget or forgive the celebrities (many of them tax exiles) who have turned out to be traitors. And we must not forget or forgive the nations which have deliberately embarrassed us Ė Ireland, France and Germany in particular.

Nor should we forget or forgive the way the EU has behaved. Once this mess is over we must do everything we can to destroy the monster which is the European Union.

Moreover, we must remember that lefty extremist neo-Nazis now control the Government, Parliament, the civil service, the Bank of England, the Church of England, the BBC and most of the British Establishment.

They have betrayed us.

We have to get rid of them. They are the Japanese knotweed of public life.

If we leave them in place they will continue to betray us.

We must not forget or forgive.

We must banish all the Remainers from British life.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2019