Stuff the BBC might have forgotten to mention

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The Israelis have reportedly taken more new hostages than they’ve released. They’ve been picking up civilians in the West Bank (where there is no Hamas) in order to keep their prisons well stocked.

2. Palestinian prisoners released by the Israelis have complained of being badly mistreated.

3. Some time ago, Zelenski introduced a law banning any discussion of peace negotiations.

4. Some of the Israeli hostages who died were killed by Israeli attacks. Israeli prisoners who complained of not getting enough to eat should blame their Government for banning food trucks entering Gaza.

5. The Israelis failed to produce evidence showing that Hamas was operating in the hospitals, schools and refugee camps which they bombed and destroyed.

6. The excellent website The Expose reports that young people are dying of cancer at `explosive rates’. Analysts have shown that death rates from cancer are two or three times normal rates. Teenagers and young adults are dying from rapidly metastasising cancers at an unprecedented rate since mass covid-19 vaccination began. I warned that this would happen over two years ago.

7. Individuals criticising Israel’s genocidal attacks on civilians are being sacked and attacked as being anti-semitic. As far as I know no one has been sacked for criticising Palestinians.

8. It has been reported that Israel wants to appoint war criminal Tony Blair as `Gaza Humanitarian Coordinator’. I confess I fell off my chair laughing when I read about this. The Chief Rabbi would be an equally good choice. News items of this type should come with a health warning.

9. Two Aussie researchers have concluded that the wrong sort of humour (notably `far right’ humour) is a danger to democracy. Presumably, far left humour (if there is any) is perfectly acceptable.

10. Since re-wilding began in earnest in the British countryside there has been a serious decline in the population of British birds. The number of woodland birds such as woodpeckers has fallen dramatically.

11. The NHS is introducing virtual wards this winter. Patients will stay at home when they are ill and will be monitored remotely. People who already had carers looking after them thought this was a great idea. Folk living alone will just have to cope. Still, one advantage is that people in `virtual wards’ will be less likely to starve to death and less likely to be killed by injections of benzodiazepines and morphine. And if there aren’t any doctors or nurses around there will be no one to write out a DNR notice.

12. The last shred of decency in British politics disappeared when David Cameron was brought back into the British Government as foreign secretary.

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