French Hypocrisy Reaches New Heights (or Depths)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Thereís an awful lot of cobblers talked about how Britain should treat foreigners from other EU countries.

Immigrants from all over the EU are demanding all the rights available to British citizens.

We are told, for example, that we should treat French immigrants generously; that we should welcome them into our hearts and give them free money, benefits and access to the NHS.

But this doesnít work the other way because the French donít want Britons living in France.

So, for example, it has been made perfectly clear that Britons who have homes in Paris are unwelcome.

And Paris now punishes British residents by charging them bigger taxes than the French have to pay.

Read that again.

If you are a British citizen living in Paris you will be forced to pay higher property ownership taxes than French-born residents.

These punitive and clearly racist taxes are all part of a clear plan to discourage Britons from living in Paris.

The EU says that all EU citizens must be treated equally.

But the French donít give a toss. They hate foreigners. And, when it is inconvenient to them, they ignore the EU.

Can you imagine the row if it were announced that French citizens living in London would be punished with extra, punitive taxes Ė just because they were French?

The Remainers would become hysterical.

But that is exactly what is happening in France.

The hypocrisy of the French is breath-taking.

The truth is that the French have always hated the British Ė largely because they are jealous of our history and our culture.

Maybe it is time to close the Channel Tunnel and build a huge wall along the South Coast of England.

Why should we welcome the French when they clearly hate the British Ė and donít want us in their country?

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2018