Despatches from the Front Line

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Crooks need four things to steal your identity and make your life miserable: your name, your date of birth, your phone number and your email address. If you do anything online then there will be scores (probably hundreds) of companies and individuals who have that information about you. The tragedy is that if your identity or money is stolen no one will give a damn. Sadly, the police are too busy arresting politically incorrect tweeters to do anything about crooks.

2. In 1988, the SAS shot three IRA suspects in Gibraltar. A photographer I knew acquired the only pictures of the shooting. He bought the undeveloped film from a tourist who happened to be there. The problem was: how to get the film back to newspapers in the UK. The authorities searched everyone who might be bringing back relevant film – including my friend, a well-known snapper. All the used film in his pockets and camera bag was confiscated. But you have probably seen the pictures so you know he got them to the UK and defeated the customs and special branch searchers. How did he do it? He came through customs with the roll of film he had bought tucked safely under his hat (a flat cap) which no one asked him to remove.

3. I have a huge library of books about the cinema but no author writes about films with Colin M.Barron’s extraordinary talent for making huge amounts of technical and historical detail immensely readable and entertaining. I’ve seen nine of the ten films detailed in his book `Planes on Films’ and I thought I knew them well but Dr Barron’s knowledge impressed me enormously and inspired me to watch them all yet again. I will, of course, now watch the tenth film `Dark Blue World’ which I had missed. I thought, by the way, that I was probably the only person alive to know that Trevor Dudley Smith had nine pen names including Elleston Trevor (the author of the book behind one of the films in this book :`The Flight of the Phoenix’) and Adam Hall (author of the best spy series ever written – the Quiller books). I also unreservedly recommend all of Dr Barron’s other books on films – `Dying Harder’, `Battles on Screen’ and `Victories at Sea’. They’re all incredibly well researched and beautifully written.

4. The rich man’s jokes are always funny.

5. It can take 13 years to get permission to build a new offshore wind farm.

6. England is now in a worse position than it was when it was a member of the EU. The English now have most of the old EU legislation to contend with plus a mass of new legislation passed by Parliament. The English have been betrayed by politicians and civil servants.

7. A tunnel is being planned between Essex and Kent in England. Naturally, the climate change psychos want to be involved. The planning application is accompanied by a 63,000 page environmental impact assessment. The hope is to start building the tunnel in 2026. I doubt if anyone will have managed to read the report by then.

8. An astonishing 79% of all US insurance related lawsuits originate in Florida – which makes up just 9% of the insurance market. This means that householders in Florida find it difficult to obtain insurance. There are, apparently, a good many fraudulent claims in Florida, the land of the hanging chads.

9. If a dog or a cat escapes from a wrecked ship in England then the ship isn’t considered to be wrecked. I bet that’s something you’re glad you know.

10. The new king of England had a green man on his coronation invitations. I fear he may have thought this something to do with green nutters and climate change psychos. If so then he was misguided. The green man represents Easter and May Day celebration. Pubs called The Green Man get their names from this mythical figure which has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment. Sorry king.

11. New definitions of wind speeds have been issued by climate change psychos. In future if leaves rustle then the wind responsible is called a gale. If the wind moves a small flag then it is known as a strong gale. And if small branches are moved and hats blown off heads then the wind is officially a storm.

12. Modern fridges will decide for you when you need more milk or butter. You may think you’d like to make the decision but your smart-internet fridge will overrule you and will automatically order replacements from your local smart supermarket. Who, I wonder, will be the first person to start arguing with their fridge.

13. I wonder if the climate change psychos who block the roads and force traffic to travel very slowly realise that at very slow speeds vehicles use up more fuel and produce more bad fumes. No, of course they don’t. That would require intelligence and knowledge and the climate change psychos have neither. If you want to know more about climate change please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s available on Amazon. Maybe someone will send Greta a copy to help educate her. My own book on the subject is called `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change’ and deals with the fact that the oil is running out. (It is because they know that the oil is running out that the conspirators started the climate change myth. They want to keep the oil for their yachts and aeroplanes. And for tanks and jet fighters.)

14. Everything is getting very expensive. It recently cost us nearly £3,000 to have a drain unblocked, nearly £800 to have a new tap fitted and nearly £700 to have a dead tree taken down. And then there was £600 to mend the boiler. Now the oven, the dishwasher and the fridge have all stopped working. Honest. I can hardly believe it either. I hope I sell another book soon. (If this all gets much worse I’ll begin to wish I had monetised all my videos.)

15. Twenty per cent of business owners in England are planning to close down their companies within the next year. Why? Well things are bad enough now. And bosses are terrified of what will happen if (or rather when) there is a Labour Government after the next election.

16. There are now so many civil servants in England that every two people earning money for the country must pay for one civil servant. That’s one of the main reasons why productivity is so poor. The State in England has grown to become a huge burden. At least half of all civil servants have to be sacked immediately – or sooner.

17. The NHS wants everyone in England to download their MY CARE app. This new software is being used by hospitals all over the world. You will of course need to put the app on your mobile smart phone. It’s another step towards the digital world which will take us down into the Great Reset. Don’t have anything to do with it.

18. Between 1970 and 2021 the richest Americans got richer with their share of America’s aggregate earnings going from 29% to 50%. In that same period the middle classes share of America’s total income fell from 62% to 42%. If you are already obscenely rich then the world keeps getting better. If you are just a hard-working man or woman then the world is now much worse than it was 50 years ago.

19. Thanks to the thuggery of the mainstream media and the internet we live in a society without tolerance, respect or free speech. And unless we stand up and say STOP, everything is going to get much, much worse. Ask your friends who are not yet awake to read my book `They want your money and your life’.

20. Trudeau of Canada (surely one of the most evil men in history) is pouring taxpayers’ money into the cess pit that is Ukraine. How much of that loot will be laundered and sent on to Switzerland? Latest reports (which may or may not be correct) suggest that half the population of Ukraine has been killed so far. Trudeau, like other bloodthirsty `leaders’, should send all his own money to Ukraine for bullets and bombs – instead of sending taxpayers’ funds. Better still they should go there and fight instead of staying at home and hiding in cupboards.

21. The only big question about the forest fires in Canada is this: were they started by government agents or by insane eco-terrorists?

22. The mainstream media is obsessed with aliens. Why? Simple. The conspirators know that the best way to persuade the simple minded that we need a World Government is to threaten them with an alien invasion. There is always a reason for everything they do these days.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023