Britainís financial future

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Thanks to the EU, the number of Romanians coming into Britain is going to soar. So is the number of Bulgarians.

Immigration will rocket over the coming months.

And, as a result, unemployment will soar. (Even if the immigrants take jobs there will be more unemployment because more Britons wonít be able to find work.)

As unemployment figures go up so the chances of interest rates coming down will fall.

And as currency dealers realise that interest rates have to stay low so the pound will fall.

As the pound drops in value there will be an inevitable rise in inflation. (We have to import our oil and most of our food).

As inflation rises everyone will get poorer and the Governmentís debts will rise. (Remember: the Coalition havenít been reducing the nationís debts. They have merely been trying, without much success, to reduce the rate at which the debts are growing.)

The pound will fall. Inflation will go up. Everyone will get poorer. There will be less money for the things that matter. And with more immigrants our infrastructure will creak still more.

The future is bleak.

Remember to thank Gordon Brown and Ed Balls for the mess we are in. Thereís more about the future in my new book Stuffed! (See the shop on this website for details. You cannot buy this book from any other shop.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2013